Aeries Revision Notes 2/22/2021

We're changing the style of our revision notes and appreciate your feedback:     

Issues Resolved

  • Student Attendance Detail Report (Texas)
    • The Special Education Instructional Setting Weights were not being applied to the Special Education FTEs, fixed. 
    • The CTE Hours calculation always used 6 in the divisor rather than the CTE Hours code (1-6), fixed. 
    • The new element Eligible Days Present Bilingual/ESL Dual Language One-Way Program required the student to be LEP, fixed. The student is no longer required to be LEP. 
    • The Early Education Allotment Bilingual/ESL (K-3) elements did not require the student to be LEP, fixed. The student is now required to be LEP, per the 2020-21 Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
  • Custom Tables - The contents of drop-down lists were not expanding to the width of the field, fixed.


What were the revisions for CA schools?

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Hello Denise,

The Custom Tables fix is for all states.

Gotcha.  Thanks Hoan.

We just got this update and our teachers are reporting that the Mass Apply button for attendance is gone. Please advise. 

Hello Maritza,

there was a change to the Teacher Attendance page that was released on 1/29. Please take a look at the following documentation near the bottom.

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