CRSE not extracting Itinerant Teachers - FIXED 02/12/2021

The CRSE Extract is not including Itinerant Teachers even though Itinerant is populated in MST.IT or TCH.IT.  Programming is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix.  We will update this post once a fix is released.  

The following Aeries Idea has also been created to keep users updated.

UPDATE:  A fix for this issue was released in the 01/15/2021 update.

CALPADS Extracts - For California Users

  • The CRSE extract was not honoring the SSE.STR setting for No State Reporting when school was Flex Scheduling, fixed.
  • The CRSE extract was not extracting Itinerant Teachers properly, fixed.

UPDATE 01/26/2021 - It has been reported that users are still experiencing issues with extracting sections in CRSE where the itinerant teacher has been flagged.  After further researching this issue, we have determined that this is happening in a Secondary School or Elementary / Master school type where the MST.IT = Yes and the section has zero students.  If the section has students enrolled, the section extracts to CRSE ok.  This doesn't seem to be affecting Elementary schools. 

Programming is working on another fix and will be released soon.  If this is still occurring in your district, you can add yourself to this uservoice idea to receive status changes for the work item currently in programming.

A fix for this was released in the 02/12/2021 update.

Itinerant Teachers were not included in the CRSE extract when processing Secondary and Elementary w/Master schools, fixed.

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