12/17/2020 - Test Settings and State Testing Export Files

Test Settings:

NOTE:  During testing we discovered that the Masking [NEDS_Masking] had been placed on the CAASPP tab rather than the ELPAC tab. The 12/17/2020 update moved the Masking [NEDS_Masking] to the ELPAC tab and the (Aeries) STS code was updated to reflect the correct test type. Any students that were already coded with this support prior to the 12/17/2020 update should be reviewed and given the correct ELPAC NEDS_Masking code.

State Testing Export Files: 

CAASPP Student Test Settings - available as of 12/17/2020

CAASPP Student Test Assignment - At this time (12/17/2020) CDE has not released new file layout for the CAASPP Student Test Assignment.

CAASPP Condition Codes - We will be working on updating the CAASPP Student Condition Codes (Template version 2020-21) in the near future. 

ELPAC Student Test Settings - available as of 12/17/2020

ELPAC Student Test Assignment - available as of 11/20/2020