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I was updating the SINF file and all of a sudden I have 1049 SINF0046 errors today when I have been uploading weekly. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and if so what was the remedy. 

I uploaded my SINF file and received 1992 SINF0551 warnings. All my records passed but all generated warnings.

SINF0551 - Missing Guardian 1 First Name1992

I'm receiving the same error - 


I am also receiving the same error, It is only a warning, but...:

Thank you!

SINF0551 - Missing Guardian 1 First Name1822

Just an FYI---

I sent a Freshdesk ticket on Jan 20, 2021. Aeries is aware of the change in Calpads and are working on a fix.

At this point, they are just warnings in Calpads so we're ok for now. Keep an eye on the Revision Notes. 

Thanks Ladies!.

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