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I was updating the SINF file and all of a sudden I have 1049 SINF0046 errors today when I have been uploading weekly. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and if so what was the remedy. 

I uploaded my SINF file and received 1992 SINF0551 warnings. All my records passed but all generated warnings.

SINF0551 - Missing Guardian 1 First Name1992

I'm receiving the same error - 


I am also receiving the same error, It is only a warning, but...:

Thank you!

SINF0551 - Missing Guardian 1 First Name1822

Just an FYI---

I sent a Freshdesk ticket on Jan 20, 2021. Aeries is aware of the change in Calpads and are working on a fix.

At this point, they are just warnings in Calpads so we're ok for now. Keep an eye on the Revision Notes. 

Thanks Ladies!.

As of today, the SINF is still pulling Parent/Guardian names from STU.PG instead of Contacts as far as I can tell. 

Hi Michelle,

Just a thought...

Take a look at CALPADS Extract-Other Options to see how you have it set.


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Yes, thank you, I do have it set up this way so that it is supposed to pull from contacts. 

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