Hybrid Instruction- Current Known Issues - ***** Last Updated: 12/17/2020 *****

The following issues have been identified with the Hybrid Instruction area. We are updating this list as items are added and/or resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as possible to amend our extraction process. 

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Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification Management:

Staff Dropdown for Weekly Instructional Minutes includes all staff, should only be active teachers

When reviewing the new Weekly Instructional Minutes feature as an AERIES user, the drop down to select staff includes all staff - including inactive and classified - it really should just be tied to active Teachers.


Weekly Engagement Report:

Report is failing for certain teachers with the message: Your report could not be created due to an error.  **Fixed in the 12/17 update

The Weekly Engagement Report is failing for some teachers. An email message gives further information: Error message: Operator '=' is not defined for type 'DBNull' and type 'Date'.  The issue is caused by bad data in the Attendance Notes table. For some reason, records have a NULL value in the date field, which is causing the report to not generate. We are researching what is causing the invalid ATN records.

Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification Management:

Staff Dropdown for Weekly Instructional Minutes is not active for some schools  **Fixed in the 12/17 update 

The Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification page staff dropdown menu is blank for one school. - Elem w/MST but available at other school with same set up. Teacher is linked to staff record with school code set as Primary School Code.

Teachers unable to certify a week when a section did not meet during that week.   **Fixed in the 12/17 update 

Teachers need the ability to certify a week that includes a section has no class meeting. Sections with No Class that week should be suppressed from view on the Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification page.

Instructional Minutes Certification Management 

Several sections are shown as missing certification when they shouldn't, including:  **Fixed in the 12/17 update 
1) Sections for future terms
2) Sections who do not meet that week
3) Excluded Sections

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