Known Issue - CCGI Extracts Not Created With Certain Settings - Fixed 06/15/2023

Update:  A fix for this issue has been released in the 6/15/2023 update. Here is the Revision Note:

  • CCGI Extract 

    • The Recompute GPA/Ranks button previously removed was re-added, allowing GPA and rank to be recomputed for each selected school. See Overview for CCGI

    • The test_grade record is no longer added to the Manifest_Template if the TestGradeTemplate is not created during the extract. 

Since 11/20/2020 a CCGI Option to select the Class Rank to be used in the extract is not longer available. Because of this missing option Districts that have never set up or run the CCGI Extract in Aeries Web will not be able to create all of the CCGI Extracts.  We will be restoring this option in a future update.

Hosted customers that are experiencing this issue can call Support for a work-around until the fix is released.

Non-hosted customers with access to SQL can apply the below work-around:

1) After saving the CCGI Options in Aeries Web, check the CD value for the OPT record where NM = 'CCGI_GPAType'.   

Ex.  select * from opt where nm = 'CCGI_GPAType' 

2) If the CD value is blank ('') then populate it with either a 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on which GPA the Class Rank should use. In the below example I am setting the option to use the Weighted Academic GPA to determine the Class Rank.

"0" = "GP"  -- Weighted Academic GPA
"1" = "TP" -- Weighted Total GPA
"2" = "GPN" -- Non-Weighted Academic GPA
"3" = "TPN" -- Non-Weighted Total GPA
"4" = "GP" -- Total Grade Points (using Weighted Academic GPA)

Ex.   update OPT set cd = '0' where sc = 0 and nm = 'CCGI_GPAType' and cd = '' 

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Thank you So much for providing the workaround details - Helpful

Thanks, this also worked for RUSD. 

We were still missing the District_CourseGradeTemplate_20210601.csv file, so this queries got it working for us, in addition to the query above. 

update opt

 set cd = ' '

where nm in ('CCGI_Term3', 'CCGI_Term4')

update opt

 set cd = 'False'

where nm = 'CCGI_WIPTermInclude2'


I made the adjustments noted above, but the process is only creating one file "<DISTRICT>_CourseCatalog_<date>.csv". 

Please advise if there are any other changes we need to make. 

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