Aeries Database Changes 11/06/2020

Is New?TableFieldComments
FALSERPOUIDIncreased the Report Print Options (RPO) User ID (UID) field from a smallint to an int to match the related User and Group Name (UGN) field.
FALSEAHSRA, RSAdded Remote Asynchronous (RA) and Remote Synchronous (RS) counts to the Attendance History Summary (AHS) table.
FALSEGPDTMRemoved Term (TM) from the PrimaryKey and ForeignKey Constraints of the Grading Periods (GPD) table.
FALSEGPCTMRemoved Term (TM) from the Grading Period Calculations (GPC) table.
FALSEGPSTMRemoved Term (TM) from the Grading Period Scores (GPS) table.
Added relationship from Post-Secondary Survey (PSS) to the IDN table.
FALSESTJNOS, ITAdded Number of Students (NOS) and Instruction Type (IT) to the Staff Job Assignments (STJ) table.
FALSECRQSAIncreased Subject Area (SA) in the Course Requests Cross Reference (CRQ) table to match Courses (CRS) fields.
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