Aeries Revision Notes 10/29/2020

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Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow the import of the Initial ELPAC 2020-21 File Layout.
OneRoster APIThe PutResults endpoint returned an error payload when the value in the scoreStatus data element is "fully graded", fixed. Also, the scoreStatus data element of the GetResults endpoint and Results CSV file will correctly show "fully graded" and "not submitted" value for records that have scoreStatus of "fullygraded" and "notsubmitted".
Class CalendarIn some cases, removing a specific date from the calendar would fail to remove the corresponding CCD record, fixed.
Texas State ReportingA state code translation for intervention codes has been added to identify specific codes as Intervention Strategy Indicators. In the PEIMS Student Program extract Medically Fragile was extracting blank values rather than 0, fixed. PEIMS Student Program extract was extracting a couple elements out of order which would cause validation to fail, fixed.

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What revision number of Aeries release will contain the updated Import Test Results update? Thanks!

Hi Peggy,


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