Aeries Revision Notes 10/27/2020

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Academic PlanThe Function buttons were not displaying on the page, fixed.
Student ProfileThe Class Summary wasn't loading if the student was dropped from the associated gradebook that has a gradebook period (GBK.PD) greater than 9, fixed.
Gradebook OptionsCode has been modified to prevent the "Show Final Mark To Parent / Student" option from inadvertently being set to False when an error is encountered.
GradebookSince the 9/25 update, teachers with linked gradebooks created in multiple Section Staff schools could potentially update their gradebooks in the other schools if they all have the same linked group number, fixed.
CBEDS ORA Export FilesThe school selection section has been changed to 2 columns to be able to fully display long school names.
Special ProgramsNew program code 307 was not highlighting the eligibility dates, fixed.
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