Aeries Revision Notes 10/14/2020

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Weekly Engagement ReportA new report has been added to Aeries that contains all the elements of the CDE Template for SB-98 Engagement and Participation Tracking. This report takes Class Calendar, Gradebook, Attendance and Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification data and displays it on the Weekly Engagement Report. This report is available under a new section titled Hybrid Instruction and is also available in the Teacher Portal.
School SettingsThis page has been updated to feature two new options supporting the new Weekly Engagement Report. A flag has been added to determine whether class calendar data, the Weekly Assignment section, will be included in the report. Also, a list indicating which attendance notes, when applicable, will be included in the report.
Teacher Attendance and Portal OptionsA new portal option has been added to "Only Allow Teachers to Override Attendance Codes listed". With this option, teachers will not be able to override a Verified Absence Code except when that Attendance Code is available to be used by a teacher. Due to recent changes for Distance Learning attendance accounting, teachers have been given access to use some Verified Attendance Codes but this presented problems because teachers had to either be allowed to override ANY Verified Absence Code or get stuck with that code after having used it. This new option fixes that. This option is mutually exclusive to the option to "Allow teachers to override verified absences".
Secondary Student DataA Post-Secondary Survey tab has been added to this page to collect information from the survey sent to the students after completing school in the prior year. This information will be used to generate the CALPADS PSTS extract.
801a ExtractIn accordance with the newest file specifications from CDMIS the HeadOfHouseholdSSN column has been removed, and above income threshold column is now comparing against 85% of the State Median Income rather than 70% as in the past.
UC ELC Extract and CCGI ExtractAUT table is now one of the table options for parent consent data.
Texas State ReportingFor TSDS collections, blank Teacher Positions in section staff will now be reported as Teacher Of Record for records marked as primary with a blank staff role, or with an 087 or 047.
DemographicsThe Track and Next Track fields will now filter the dropdown list based on the School Track field (LOC.K) instead of using values in the COD table.
Texas State ReportingThe Class Roster Staff extract had the potential to extract duplicate records for section staff, fixed. The Class Roster Ed Org extract was not extracting courses with course level 30, 37, or 38, fixed. The Class Roster Ed Org and Master Schedule extracts now extract the state course code as well as the LEA course code.
InternshipsThis page has been updated with new fields to handle the data requirements for Work-based Learning (WBLR) reporting for CALPADS.
Aeries Mobile APIAdded support for determining Verified Not-Absent codes in Aeries Mobile Portal.
Aeries Mobile APISome EM2 endpoints have been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Grade Report Exception ListingThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff schools.
Copy Grades to TranscriptsThis process has been adjusted to support schools using Flex Scheduling and Section Staff. Also, visual improvements were made to the Copy Grades to Transcripts page.
Create ROP Extract for AIMThis extract has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling, Section Staff, and Class Attendance.
Student Grades ReportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Grades By Teacher and Teacher GradesThe Load Grades From Gradebook for Secondary Standards Based Grades has been modified to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Google Classroom IntegrationWhen a Student did not yet have a Google account, the process to add them to the Google Classroom and automatically sync could generate multiple error emails because of timing issues. Now these emails will not be sent to users.
Attendance by PhotoThe optional logic to lock a teacher out of taking attendance after submitting attendance on this page was not functioning properly for team-teaching, fixed.
ImmunizationsRed highlighting for vaccines based on Age was not accurate on this page, fixed. Also, any set of requirements not defined in the first set of Vaccination Requirements was not honored (i.e., boosters), fixed.
Immunizations Status ReportValidation of vaccines based on Age was not accurate on this report, fixed. Also, grade label adjusted to use grade level translations instead of numeric value (i.e. "PK" or "TK" instead of "-1").
Attendance by Photo (New)Students could not be marked absent immediately after assigning them to a new seat, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceWhen time restrictions for taking attendance are enabled but either forward-posting or back-posting attendance is also enables, posting attendance on days other than the current day will now not enforce the time/bell schedule restrictions.
Teacher Class ScheduleThis report was not honoring the Start and End dates for schools using Section Staff with regular scheduling, fixed. The title field was also widened for schools using Section Staff with regular scheduling.
GradebookWhen a teacher created a gradebook using a gradebook template and associates it with a section, the gradebook period was set to 0 instead of the actual period, fixed.
New Parent Portal HomepageGradebooks were not displaying correctly in the Classes widget, fixed. Also, the new Class Summary widget has been renamed to Classes and now the full version. Some sizing adjustments have been made to fit more on the page.
Gradebook DetailsThe Grade Marks were bolded and enlarged.
TranscriptThe County District School field is displaying an 8 instead of the CDS code for Single Column transcript, fixed.
CCGI ExtractThe school term codes to match the term numbers were not saving accurately, fixed.
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