CERS Integration for CAASPP Testing

Updated Information: 

12/7/2021 - We have added a Scheduled Process tab for the CERS Student Groups Extract. This scheduled process will allow you to automatically create the CERS extracts that you have already configured on a schedule of your choosing. 

The documentation link has been updated with the Scheduled Process information: https://support.aeries.com/support/solutions/articles/14000120561-cers-student-groups-extract-beta-

At this time, the files must still be manually uploaded via the TOMS interface. We are waiting for credentialed access to the API process to complete this final step. We have an Aeries Idea tracking this API feature, so if you would like to be personally notified when it is available, please add yourself to this idea: CERS Student Groups - Add API Functionality to Scheduled Import


A recent email was sent from the CDE about the SIS–CERS Student Group Integration, indicating that Aeries has already fully-integrated our SIS with CERS, which allows for student groups originally created in the local SIS to automatically transfer directly to CERS.  We were not notified that this email was being released. 

At this time, this feature is still in BETA testing, however we expect to make it fully available to all of our customers very soon.

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The existing file extract routine can be used to generate the upload files. We are still working on a fully automated integration. Unfortunately this project got delayed for other priorities. We are hoping to have this automated feature available in the near future, possibly within a few weeks. In the meantime, the extract files can be generated any time and information about this feature is available here: https://support.aeries.com/support/solutions/articles/14000120561-cers-student-groups-extract-beta-


It would be very helpful to have a Group Name Pattern as follows:

“P”+Period +Course Title+Teacher Last Name First Initial.  For example:



How soon are we thinking this will be availlable?

Hi Jan,

I see your announcement was dated 08/31/2021 on the CERS Integration for CAASPP testing.  I was wondering if you have an update on this process?  Thank you in advance.

Ted W. Stapenhorst

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Is the CERS Integration ready for CAASPP yet? Any news?

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