CERS Integration for CAASPP Testing

Updated Information: 

12/7/2021 - We have added a Scheduled Process tab for the CERS Student Groups Extract. This scheduled process will allow you to automatically create the CERS extracts that you have already configured on a schedule of your choosing. 

The documentation link has been updated with the Scheduled Process information: https://support.aeries.com/support/solutions/articles/14000120561-cers-student-groups-extract-beta-

At this time, the files must still be manually uploaded via the TOMS interface. We are waiting for credentialed access to the API process to complete this final step. We have an Aeries Idea tracking this API feature, so if you would like to be personally notified when it is available, please add yourself to this idea: CERS Student Groups - Add API Functionality to Scheduled Import


A recent email was sent from the CDE about the SIS–CERS Student Group Integration, indicating that Aeries has already fully-integrated our SIS with CERS, which allows for student groups originally created in the local SIS to automatically transfer directly to CERS.  We were not notified that this email was being released. 

At this time, this feature is still in BETA testing, however we expect to make it fully available to all of our customers very soon.

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Thanks Jan! I just submitted a ticket for more information. Very cool!

Thank you Jan!!!

That seems about typical of CDE & CalTac.

Please let me know when it's up and running. I would be happy to be part of the beta test if you need participants.

We are pushing Interim testing out now but would really love to see this integration in place - because creating the student groups is still a manual effort for us. I recognize this year is madness... but any chance on an update or an ETA on this CERS Integration?

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Just pinging this again to hopefully get even an approximate ETA on when we might expect this? Should we just count on this not happening for the next few months? If so I totally understand and we can engage in the manual effort to create the Student Groups. But if there's even an outside change we might have this ready by end of December then we won't burn the time doing the manual effort.

Appreciate any info that can be shared. If you need any late additions to the BETA testing Del Norte will very much participate. Just let us know.



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We would also love to use this service. It would be very counter productive to build groups myself and then have Aeries get up and running and have to send out all new group names to all the teachers.

CJUHSD would be happy to be part of the beta test.

Any update on when this may be up and running?

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I've manually created my CERS rosters for this year.

We are anxiously waiting for the integration to be up and running and would be more than happy to be a part of the beta testing. Is there an ETA on the completion?

CAASPP said in their webinar yesterday that Aeries is fully integrated with CERS.  They have it posted on their website.  https://www.caaspp.org/administration/reporting/sis-vendor-integration.html

So does that mean I won't have to upload rosters this year?

documentation on Aeries states in the steps to download the file and then upload.  That doesn't sound like the integration is complete.  Additionally the help page states this is in BETA testing still.  Sounds like CAASPP jumped the gun again stating Aeries is fully integrated?????

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