Aeries Revision Notes 10/7/2020

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Google ClassroomAssignment due dates were not being adjusted to local time from the UTC offset in Google, fixed. The import assignments process will now limit to assignments which are not flagged as "Grading Completed". The import assignments process would always set the assignment category and type to be the default category and type. Now if the category or type is changed after the initial import of the assignment it will retain it's updated category and type codes. Importing scores into Google Classroom had the potential to import into an unintended gradebook when multiple gradebooks had been linked with the same Google Classroom.
OneRoster ExtractUnder certain conditions the period value from the Classes.csv was not printing the correct flex period title in a Flex Scheduling type school, fixed.
Texas State ReportingClass Roster EntryGradeLevel was not translating from XRF, fixed.
Texas State ReportingThe Interchange Education Organization file in the PEIMS Fall submission was duplicating course elements, fixed.
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