Aeries Revision Notes 10/1/2020

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Gradebook Manage StudentsA link to Gradebook Details has been added to the Gradebook Name on the Transfer Grade Details window.
ClassesEmail addresses from teacher 0 were displaying for each unassigned teacher in the Parent Student Portal, fixed.
OneRoster ExtractThe period start and end times in the description were inaccurate in the Classes.csv file, fixed.
Student Attendance Detail, Campus Summary, and District SummaryThese reports will no longer list track-specific dates with the reporting period selection, but instead will list each reporting period once, with the earliest start date and latest end date based on all tracks and schools. Print Student Attendance Campus Summary, and District Summary reports now list the display grade rather than numeric grade (i.e., "EE" instead of "-2"). The Date-Range, Maximum Days, and Minimum Days on the District Summary were based on the first grade-level printed for each page, even when higher grade-levels have different dates or days taught, fixed. Now prints the earliest start date, latest end date, along with the smallest and largest days taught for each page, regardless of grade-level.
CalendarThis page will no longer display the "Att Rpt Pds" button when logged in at the district level.
Aeries NavigationThe district navigation menu will no longer include the "Attendance Reporting Periods" page, which does not require district-level records.
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