Aeries Revision Notes 9/29/2020

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Grade Report CardsThis report would fail to print staff information in schools using section staff where grade record section data is 0, fixed. Also, the generate report card feature would fail to run in some cases when any student in the group the report cards are being generated for did not have a mark during the selected marking periods.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SENR Reconciliation process (SENR ODS) was not using the latest SENR layout, implemented on 9/15, fixed.
Attendance WorksAll the Special Ed Students were getting a "NO" in the IEP column since the CALPADS adjustment to not include them in the SPRG extract was implemented. Adjusted logic to process the CSE table when creating Attendance Works extracts.
Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, Student Attendance District SummaryThese reports were calculating the ADA % incorrectly, fixed.
Class SummaryThe Past 5 Days field was displaying incorrect attendance data, fixed. The Past 5 days column was also not showing attendance if the section was not tied to a gradebook when the school was a Flex School, fixed. The meeting info was not visible for a section that was dropped before term ends in gradebook, fixed.
Mass Change ATT CodesUnder special circumstances this page was giving an error, fixed. Also, extra label has been removed from the Summary and Details reports.
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