Aeries Revision Notes 9/24/2020

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Graduation RequirementsUsers now have the ability to designate a graduation track as non-credit based. Non-Credit Based Grad Tracks can be used for students who are exempt from the standard requirements of credit completions or who are not on a track to complete high school in a traditional manner. Students in these Grad Tracks will still see credits accumulated in the Primary Subject Areas for the courses they complete, but Required Credits and Remaining Credits will not be calculated or displayed. This change impacts many pages and reports throughout the system. The Graduation Status page and Graduation Status Report By Student, Student Transcripts and Graduation Status Letter to Parent reports will not include credits required and needed fields. The Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard and Mass Update Graduation Status pages and the Seniors Lacking Credit for Graduation report will all not include students in these Non-Credit Based Grad Tracks.
Aeries CommunicationsGrade Alerts can now be sent through ParentSquare for Aeries Communications Customers using the ParentSquare system.
ImmunizationsThis page now includes a new set of fields for Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV).
Configure Vaccination RequirementA new selection for Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) has been added to this page. For Texas schools, a set of default values can be added for PCV by using the "Load Default Vaccination Reqm'ts" button.
Immunization Card ReportGrade label adjusted to use grade level translations instead of numeric value (i.e. "PK" or "TK" instead of "-1"). Also, the Blue Card option has been removed for Texas districts as it is a California Blue Card.
MedicationsThis page now has a "Hide at-home medications" feature. Also, the administer dose functionality now includes "Skip Dose" similar to the Grid view on the Medication Schedule page.
Medication ScheduleA "Skip Dose" function has been added to the Administer Dose process on the List View, similar to the Grid view.
CALPADS ExtractsThe LTEL Import has been updated to handle the new Long-Term English Learner file. The file is now a fixed-width file, instead of the tab-delimited from previous years, and has an additional column. The import will no longer support files from previous years. Also, on Other Options tab, changed the option label to "Do Not Change Exit Reasons to E450 if Student is in Pre-School or Lower" to reflect recent CALPADS change. Finally, changed caption in Special Ed page from "Post-Secondary / Transition Status Indicator" to "Adult Age Students w/ Transition Status Indicator".
State Seal of BiliteracyThe processing of the State Seal of Biliteracy requirements has been adjusted to reflect the most recent guidelines from CDE about the COVID-19 school closures. For more information please see Aeries support documentation.
Add-on Graduation ConfigA Course Characteristics filter along with a new Additional Filters section have been added to the Course Selection popup.
Graduation Endorsement ConfigCourse Characteristics and Service Id filters along with a new Additional Filters section have been added to the Course Selection popup.
Apple School Manager ExtractThis extract has been adjusted to support schools using Flex Scheduling and Section Staff. Also, additional checks have been implemented to prevent errors due to invalid cross-references.
Aeries API V5The Gradebook APIs have been upgraded to V5 and now support schools using Flex Scheduling.
Grade HistoryThis page has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
OneRoster ExtractsThe enrollment file of the OneRoster Extract will include the teacher rows based on the TCH table and the MST table in secondary non-flex schools.
Classroom Photo / Seating Chart ReportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Missing Mark Listing ReportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Weekly Instructional CertificationThe Weekly Instructional Certification page has been modified to also allow administrators and office staff to access the page and certify the classes for the teachers. A Filter by teacher and for date range were also added to the page. Classes can also now be uncertified.
Texas State ReportingThe PEIMS Fall Student Enrollment extract has been updated to be able to pull leavers from a prior year database. Graduation dates were not extracting with the correct format, fixed. Grade levels greater than 12 were causing errors, so they will now extract as 12.
Texas State ReportingThe Course Title field has been removed from the TSDS Educational Organization Extracts. The Unique ID Weekly Enrollment Extract now extracts grade which are above 12 as grade 12 in compliance with the Unique ID file standard.
Parent Data ConfirmationChoices of Student Race now reflect Texas State wording and options.
Teacher AttendanceWhen school programs included an end date and the end date was the current day, the current day was being excluded from the Instr. Mod. Column, fixed.
Process DashboardsThe following pages were renamed to add the word "Process" in their title: Elementary Standards Based Grades Process Dashboard, Secondary Grade Reporting Process Dashboard, Scheduling Process Dashboard, and Attendance Process Dashboard. Some additional cleanup on these pages were also completed.
Grading PeriodThe list is now sorted chronologically.
Students With Unverified Period Absences ReportFor a flex scheduling school using period attendance the number of flex periods with unverified absences and the percentage based on the total number of flex periods for the day will be displayed.
Update Absence CodesAdditional validations have been added to this page to not allow adding or editing records with a combination ABS.TY = 1, 2, 3 (unverified absence, excused absence verified, and unexcused absence verified) and ABS.AD = 1 (Count for ADA).
Master Schedule and Scheduling MasterWhen the course was left blank the master schedule page was giving an error, fixed. And on the Scheduling Master the page was not giving any indication that the record was not saved, fixed.
Students with Consecutive Absences ReportTwo digit grade levels were being truncated to only one digit, fixed.
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