CALPADS - Current Known Issues - ***** Last Updated: 9/29/2020 *****

The following issues have been identified with the CALPADS Submission process. We are updating this list as items are added and/or resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as possible to amend our extraction process. 

  • Please add yourself to the AeriesIdeas item linked below each issue to be personally notified of the status of that item.





SSID Import fails with new CALPADS SpEd Indicator  **Fixed in the 9/17 hot-fix

CALPADS added a new field to the SSID Extract file to hold a Special Education indicator as of 9/15/2020. We are adjusting our import process to handle this new indicator in a similar fashion as the English Language Acquisition Code and Date in the SSID Extract. 

  • AeriesIdeas - Bug: SSID Import fails with new CALPADS SpEd Indicator
  • Workaround: Make a copy of the extract file and open it in a text editor to delete the last 2 characters in the file. For example. the in the file shown below, remove the Y/N at the end of the file AND the carat (^) preceding it. I've highlighted the ones that need to be removed.

  • The edited file should be able to import the indicators, but customers should also review the original extracted file to determine if any of the new students have the SpEd Indicator field at the end of the file flagged as "Y".  Those students will need to be followed-up by the SpEd team.

SENR Extract:

SENR0023 - Invalid Exit Reason and Grade Level Combination:     **Fixed in the 9/17 hot-fix  
SENR upload fails with this fatal error if Exit Code 450 is used with a grade level greater than Preschool.

CALPADS recently added a validation rule for this combination and made it a fatal error. We are working on making changes to the Option to replace other exit codes with 450.

  • AeriesIdeas - Bug: SENR records rejected if Exit Code 450 is used for TK student or higher.
  • Workaround: There are two separate issues:
    • Your internal processes will need to be adjusted so your site staff is only using this code for Infant, Toddler or Preschool students.
    • Be sure to go to the CALPADS Extracts page and navigate to the Other Options section. Be sure to put a check in the box for Do Not change Exit Reasons to E450 if Student is in Grade 6 or lower.

SINF Extract:

SINF0010/SINF0011 - Missing Alias First Name/Missing Alias Last Name:     **Fixed in the 9/18 hot-fix 
SINF Upload rejects reccords when only 1 Alias Name field populated

We have identified this as an unintended consequence of the changes released on 9/15/2020 to add Preferred Names to the SINF extract. Development has already started on the fix and we will ship it as soon as it passes QC testing.

SENR Reconciliation Process:

SENR file- Upload Failed    **Fixed in the 9/29 release

SENR file upload fails for a file created as part of the SENR Reconciliation Process. The process is still using the old SENR file layout, that changed as of 9/15. The process will be changed to use the new layout. (*Item added 9/21/20)

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The SINF is rejected by CALPADS. Is that an associated problem?

"Record Number: 1. Error Detail: Expected columns are: 44. Included columns are 42. Error Row is

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The file layout changes that CALPADS implemented today for SENR and SINF are being released tonight. The issue noted here is separate from those changes.

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More characters than 2 had to be deleted for the SENR.  it said looking for something like 34 and there were 39

SINF file had two new fields added. 

SENR file had one field re-named and 5 fields removed.

Yes, I was able to get the file uploaded by removing carats at the end.  There were only 370 records and few were inter, so it was easy to do once I figured out how many carats to remove.

After I installed the most recent patch, the SENR worked just fine, but now when we try to re-import the SSID's from the CLAPADS extract, the system is not recognizing the records.  Has anyone else mentioned this issue?  We had 8 records that came in the SENR extract, and when we tried to re-import them, the system is reporting 0 records.

I am having the same issue.  Did you do the update from last night, Tamara, and it still does not work?

Judy, yes, I installed the latest revision this morning and still having the issue.

The update that was released on 9/15/2020 made adjustments to the SENR and SINF files created in Aeries to accommodate the changes CALPADS released on that date. Those files are different than the SENR file that is extracted FROM CALPADS as part of the Identifier assignment process. A new field was also added to that file yesterday which is causing a separate issue. 

The behavior you are reporting is exactly what this Known Issue under the Identifiers section is about. We are making adjustment to the SSID Upload process to accommodate this new field that CALPADS added yesterday. As soon as it passes QC testing, it will be released as a Hot-Fix. Click on the link above to add yourself to the AeriesIdeas Bug Item and you will be notified directly when action is taken on this specific item. 

Perfect!  Thank you!

Need clarification, am I just deleting the last indicator of "Y" or "N" in the txt file? 

Emilee, I've added a screenshot to make it clear what needs to be removed. It would be the Y/N and also the carat preceding that letter.

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Thank you for this info, Jan! I had the same problem with my SSID extract that I tried to load into Aeries today.  I found it fairly easy to copy and paste the entire file from CALPADS into Excel, do text to columns as carat delimited, make every column "Text", delete the last column, then save as Tab-delimited .txt file, which Aeries accepted and loaded.

Hi Jan,

I just found a new issue that hopefully is already on your radar, but the E450 code is no longer acceptable for grades TK-6 (found in Valid Code Combos).  Would it be possible to change the option, "Do Not Change Exit Reasons to E450 if Student is in Grade 6 or Lower" in "Other Options" to either no longer be valid, or only be valid for grade levels PS, IN, and TD?  I'm hoping this change is already coming with the SENR format changes, but it did surprise me when I uploaded a new SSID Request today after I deleted the last 5 columns and all TK-6 students with an E450 failed. Thanks!

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