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Weekly Instruction MinutesA new feature is now available for teachers to certify daily instructional minutes for their class(es) each week, using the Class Calendars feature. This will be used to help districts meet the Weekly Engagement and Participation requirements of SB-98.
Class CalendarThis page has been updated to include new hybrid instruction options for single days and mass add.
TeachersThis page has been updated to include the new Class Calendar Sequence (CSQ) field for elementary schools without master schedule.
Master ScheduleThis page has been updated to display the class calendar field.

I am trying to set up a new class calendar but when I select the "Add Dates" function to add another day of the week, I just get the following (The Working spinning arrows have been spinning for 5 minutes now):


Also, why am I getting the 'Additional selection is recommended - Sections invalid! Please update.' notice? Seems like I am following the instructions correctly.

Ignore my last posting. I figured it out...

Will a report to monitor the completion of the weekly instructional minutes be forthcoming?  Trying to determine the best way for site admin and district admin to monitor this table for completion.

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Hi David,

Yes, a Weekly Engagement report is in development now.  It will ship ASAP.

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