Aeries Revision Notes 9/9/2020

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Teacher AttendanceSchools defined as Secondary Daily Attendance can now take advantage of the new ADA Attendance Time defined in School Options. For schools who do not want to use the traditional Attendance Period from the School Options page, the All Day Attendance Management option will allow them to set an ADA Attendance Time. Teacher Attendance, Attendance by Photo, and Classroom Attendance pages have been updated to support this change. Also, these pages were not honoring either the Block Schedule Calendar or Master Schedule Day tags (i.e., A-Days, B-Days, M-W-F, -T-T-) in Secondary Daily schools, fixed.
Gradebook EmulationThis page has been adjusted to support Section Staff.
ClassesIn certain situations, when a user typed the course name and then pressed tab (or enter) and then clicked outside the Course field, the page had the potential to load the available sections twice and de-select the user's selected section, fixed.
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