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Standards Based Grading vs. Rubric Scoring

Is anyone using a standards based report card and rubric scoring?

I'm trying to determine what is the best suggestion for our teachers to use.

Currently, they do a standards based report card and link the sub-standards to the to an overall standard.  This results in a report card with standards and then all the scores averaging to get the overall standard score (4-8 it is a letter grade).

Part of what they use is the weighting for categories - so assessments are a 75% or more category and then classwork/homework at 25%.  But if they switch to a rubric scored gradebook, the weighting doesn't work.  I understand that and they would have to use the summative/formative scale instead, which essentially does the same thing they are doing with categories.

I'm just wondering how the rubric really works for something like our setup -- sub standards on a scale 1-3 (we don't include 4/above mastery) and an overall standard of a letter grade?

Please help, I haven't been able to find anything very clear on this.

Thank you!

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