Aeries Revision Notes 9/2/2020

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TSDS ExtractsUnder the Unique ID Functions section, the Assign Unique ID and Enrollment Tracking processes now honor KEEP/SKIP and will skip students who are missing one or more of the following data fields: name, date of birth, gender, grade, race, ethnicity, student ID, or SSN. The Enrollment Tracking process will no longer be a scheduled process. A new "Date To Process" date input field has been added for Enrollment Tracking for users to specify from what date they would like to run the process.
Aeries Mobile APIAn error occurred when viewing a course that is attached to a gradebook that has an alpha-numeric period in the Aeries Mobile Portal app, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceTeachers were not able to post attendance notes when the current date is not in the school calendar (weekend, holidays, before / after school year) - even if the past or future posting days option would otherwise allow it, fixed.

What is the TSDS Extract?

Hi Bea,

TSDS Extracts are the extracts for Texas schools.

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