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Canvas/One Roster and Elementary without MST

Good morning,

We are a k-12 district using Canvas via the Aeries One Roster API.  Our secondary school classes are syncing correctly with Canvas.  We do not use MST with our Elementary schools and we cannot see our Elementary classes in Canvas.  Is anyone having this issue or resolved this issue?  

Canvas support says  they were able to hit Aeries API directly, and are seeing the elementary enrollments are coming over into Canvas with a source id of 0, which is why there are 0 enrollments populating.

Other software using Clever is working fine, just not the One Roster API.  Either Canvas is treating our Elementary schools like they are MST, there is an issue with the API or there's a setting we are missing.

Any advice out there?

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Hey Dwayne we have the same set up and our elementary is being created in Canvas. I heard from Glendora they are having the same issue the courses are created with this naming convention- 2021~5_TN_1_0 basically the school year, the school number, teacher number, grade- this one is Kinder. Wishing you well and if sis people for Canvas need a look tell them I know they were on boarding sis folks like crazy. I slipped in over summer so we were ready just in time. Take care, Kris
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