Aeries Revision Notes 8/28/2020

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Aeries APIThe Aeries API has been upgraded to Version 5 ("V5"). This includes support for Flex Scheduling and Section Staff for all endpoints related to attendance and scheduling. Also, "PermanentID" has been renamed to "StudentID" throughout V5 of the API. Also, many new fields were added to various endpoints. With a few exceptions, every endpoint available in a prior version now has a V5 version. See documentation for details.
Import Test ResultsThis page has been updated to allow importing the 2019-20 ACT and AP student test results.
CALPADS ExtractsState Reporting Codes have been adjusted throughout the system to support the 20-21 school year. Also, the SELA extract has been adjusted to skip EL and IFEP students if the start date is on or after 7/1/2020. Additionally, the SCSC extract has been adjusted to skip HIS records with credits attempted = 0 and to consolidate Carnegie Units when needed.
Teacher AttendanceA new quick note feature has been added to this page so teachers are able to add specific attendance notes for students by simply selecting a checkbox. Those specific codes are defined in Portal Options. Also, when there were more than 1 notes for a day for students and the View Other Teachers' Notes option was enabled, sometimes when editing the Attendance note comment, it was overwriting other teachers' notes, fixed. Also, teachers were unable to add notes to dates with Verified Absences, fixed.
Portal OptionsA new setting has been added under the Attendance Tab to store the attendance note codes to display on the teacher portal attendance page for quickly adding to a student.
Master Schedule and Scheduling MasterThese pages now include an "Exempt from Time Restriction" dropdown, which is used to determine whether an individual section will ignore the time restrictions from Portal Options for Teacher Attendance. Specifically for use with remote asynchronous attendance. 
Teacher AttendanceThis page now honors the new "Exempt from Time Restriction" field for each section. When there are multiple sections within a single period, only the section(s) that are exempt will be editable outside of the Portal Option time restrictions. Please note this does not apply to the "Attendance by Photo - Old" page. 
Teacher AttendanceThis page now honors the new "Exempt from Time Restriction" field for each section. When there are multiple sections within a single period, only the section(s) that are exempt will be editable outside of the Portal Option time restrictions. Also, if a School Program is defined for Remote Synchronous or Remote Asynchronous, the Portal Option time restrictions for that date-range will be automatically ignored. 
Classroom AttendanceThis page now displays the additional student fields configured on the Portal Options page. Also, the Stu ID, Grade, Track, Program, and these new student field columns can be sorted ascending or descending. Also, the section number is now displayed in the table header. Removed the 'Include Inactive Teachers' checkbox if the school is using section staff.
Aeries Mobile APIModification has been made to the Attendance Configuration endpoint to support multiple schools attendance for the upcoming Aeries Teacher app build.
Daily Attendance and Flex SchedulingThe Teacher Attendance page, Attendance by Photo page, Classroom Attendance page and the Aeries Teacher app have been adjusted to support Flexible Scheduling schools using Daily Attendance.
School OptionsThe School Options page has been modified to disable the Use Staff in Sections for Elementary and Elementary w/ MST schools.
Class Rosters reportThis report has been adjusted to display Class Attendance data when using Flex Scheduling.
Class List by Section reportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Missing Attendance reportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling, Section Staff and Class Attendance.
Master ScheduleTable and Field Code overlays have been added to this page.
Texas State ReportingMaster Schedule extracts have been updated for the 2020-2021 school year.
Texas State ReportingThe Staff Interchange has been updated to include all changes for the 2020-2021 school year.
Various PagesFixed codesets have been updated to be aligned with Texas state reporting PEIMS requirements.
School OptionsThere is a new school option to designate a school as a Dropout Recovery Campus.
Texas ReportingThe Interchange Student Program has been updated to the 2020-2021 standards.
Texas ReportingThe Interchange StudentEnrollment extract has been updated to the 2020-2021 TEA standards.
Texas ReportingStudent Personal emails will now be extracted in the SPPI-14 StudentParent extract.
Leaver Reason CodesThe Status Change code (ST) has been removed from the list.
Secondary Student DataA new field for Adult Previous Attendance (SSD.APA) has been added and will display for schools designated as a Dropout Recovery school.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master Schedule pagesThe Position fields from MST and SMS no longer display when using Section Staff. The fields in the Section Staff table should be used instead.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master pagesThese pages now have the Teacher Position field in the Section Staff area.
Parent Portal PreviewThe link to a class's website has been added to the Class Summary area of the New Portal home page. Also, the layout of the Class Cards has been improved based on feedback from parents and students. Also, navigation fonts have increased in size for mobile devices.
Portal LoginVisual improvements have been made to this page along with some additional translations.
Student Information BarThe Student Information Bar now remembers open and closed state across all pages, including Demographics.
Teacher AttendanceIn some situations the Teacher Attendance page displayed the wrong attendance code for the same student from a different section and date in a Flex Scheduling school, fixed. Also an issue where the student section was shown on a date that class did not meet was fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIThe all day code was not showing in the Aeries Mobile Portal app in a Flexible Scheduling school, fixed.
OneRoster APIThe GetEnrollments endpoint has been modified to improve performance.
SchedulerFor schools doing Flex Scheduling, the Scheduler had the potential to produce a student schedule with conflicting sections (i.e., overlapping meeting time and class calendar dates) under certain conditions, fixed.
Grade Reporting Codes and DescriptionThe buttons on this page have been updated with the latest styles.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master Schedule pagesUpdating a record no longer populates unused fields when doing Flex Scheduling.
Initialize ATT/CARThis process was updating unused fields for Flex Schools, fixed.
ContactsThe Attendance Notification field is now hidden in districts configured to use Aeries Communications Powered By ParentSquare.
Update Code TableThis page will now display a message warning users attempting to update codes for the GRT field in the REQ table to use the Graduation Requirements page.
ClassesOn instances when an absence code was defined with code H, the description of the code was appearing on the tooltip as "HERE".
ContactsRed Flags and Messages were not displaying for teachers with read permission to CON, fixed. Mailing Name was displaying when it was different than Last Name and First Name, fixed.
Portal OptionsThe Portal Options page "All Remaining Students Are Present" option has been renamed to "Attendance Complete" on the Attendance tab.
Class Summary widgetThe Class Summary widget would not load if one of the student's classes linked to a gradebook with an alpha numeric period value, fixed. Also, the period column in teacher portal was displaying the Flex sequence number instead of the period short title, fixed.
Class SummaryMulti School gradebooks were not properly saving Online Meeting and Website information, fixed.
Copy Scheduling Results to MST/SECIn Flex Scheduling and Section Staff schools the SSM table was not copying to SSE, fixed.
Grade Reporting OptionsIn schools which had previously enabled the "Allow Numeric Marks" setting, any subsequent changes to this page would delete all non-numeric GRD codes again, fixed.
Attendance Submission Log reportThis report was not printing the teacher number, name, or room number, fixed.
Class Roster reportThis page was causing an error when logging in as a teacher in a school using Section Staff, fixed.
Portal DocumentsPortal Document Titles did not support some foreign language characters, fixed.
Combine StudentsThis process would fail for students with data in a custom table for one ID but not for another, fixed.
Graduation RequirementsThe add new grad track option would fail when adding tracks with code values outside of A-Z, fixed.
Copy Data From Summer SchoolThis process would fail if the district's server contained hyphens in its name and the process was run across multiple servers, fixed.
Change PasswordThis process would fail with an error if the new or old password had mostly numeric characters and the new password needed to be significantly different than the old one, fixed.

Tried new attendance notes feature. They display correctly, but notes are not saved. Attendance portal option is set to allow back- and forward-posting of attendance. Absence codes are saved, but not notes. Are notes being saved only when entered on the same day the class meets? I'll know for sure on Monday but today, Saturday, notes are not being saved for prior weekdays or future ones.

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Attendance notes are being saved today, even for prior dates. Looks like notes, unlike absence codes, can't be saved if user is logged in on a date that does not exist in the DAY table.

Classroom Attendance:  If a teacher has multiple sections in the same period, only one section is displayed in the heading. Students are still alpha sorted within section, but there's no indication of section #2, section #3, etc.

We want teachers to be allowed to save more than one ATT note.  For instance, our codes will indicate if a student meet the requirements for Distance Learning based on the guidelines.  I have entered the codes in ATN for that.  We wanted the teachers to be able to enter what codes are needed in ATN and make comments as necessary, but it appears they are only allowed to enter one code in the ATN dropdown for each student per day.

SIPSynchronous In person (Hybrid)Synchronous0.001

SOLSynchronous Online (Zoom or video call - with teacher and peers)

Hi Roger, 

In the update shipping today, 9/2/2020, a change will be made for this issue:

Teacher Attendance - Teachers were not able to post attendance notes when the current date is not in the school calendar (weekend, holidays, before / after school year) - even if the past or future posting days option would otherwise allow it, fixed.

Hi Jennifer,

With the new quick note attendance feature, a teacher can enter multiple attendance notes.

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