Aeries Revision Notes 8/19/2020

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Google ClassroomThe Aeries integration with Google Classroom has been updated to support schools using Section Staff.
Class Summary widgetTo prevent accidental changes when a section is linked to a Google Classroom the URL and Access Code will be read-only until the teacher unlinks that section from Google.
Class Summary widgetThis area failed to display period information for teachers since the 8/13 update, fixed.
Teacher AttendanceThis page was giving an error when ATT was not initialized, fixed.
Teacher Attendance / Classroom Attendance / Attendance by PhotoThe incorrect attendance code was displaying when a student had multiple attendance codes for the same day in Flex Scheduling school, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APICertain android users were logged out after logging in when a meeting message didn't contain a description, fixed.
Attendance by PhotoTeachers were unable to blank out the attendance code, fixed.
Mass Change Section Number and Scheduling Mass Change Section NumbersThis page was generating an error when searching for a section, fixed.
Progress By Class and Progress By Student reportsThese reports were not working since the 8/7 update, fixed.
Initialize ATT/CARCAR records were not being initialized for school code 999, fixed.
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