Known Issue - An error is generated when Teachers click on the Attendance page in their portal prior to attendance initialization.

Update:  This issue was fixed in the 8/19/2020 update:

Teacher Attendance Page:  This page was giving an error when ATT was not initialized, fixed.

An error is generated when teachers click on the Attendance page in the teacher portal. The error is occurring in schools that have not yet initialized attendance. A work around for this is to initialize ATT or to remove teacher permission to ATT until attendance is initialized. 

I am sorry ... what is a YSOD? 

Hi Stephanie.

Sorry about that Stephanie, it is an error. I changed the wording in the Known Issue. 


Hi Stephanie, 

I'm initializing tonight, will this resolve the problem for my teachers starting tomorrow?  It's weird as the error message shows up for some teachers but not all.  This needs to not be a problem tomorrow morning.


Burbank is getting the same thing, some but not all teachers.  Schools starts for us Monday.

we initialized today, but class rosters are still showing up with an error page.  

This needs to be fixed asap. 


We are planning on releasing a fix that will resolve the issue with the rosters erring out in the next update scheduled for tomorrow. 


Hi,  would this affect the students ability to access google classroom?

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