Aeries Revision Notes 8/7/2020

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GradebookAeries Gradebook has been modified to support the school option "Use Section Staff" and the new portal option "Allow Teachers to Link Sections from Multiple Schools". With the options enabled, teachers can link sections from multiple schools to their gradebooks.
Portal OptionsA new option to "Allow Teachers to Link Sections from Multiple Schools" has been added to the Gradebook tab.
Aeries CommunicationsAttendance Notifications has been enhanced to work with ParentSquare.
OneRoster APIThe enrollments endpoint was not returning the student enrollment records for elementary schools, fixed.
School OptionsWhen saving the record with Flexible Scheduling Type the Use Sections in Staff option was not saved, fixed.
ClassesFor schools doing Flex Scheduling, available sections would not display for all periods when adding a new record, fixed.
Classroom AttendanceThis page would give an error when the school day is less than 10, fixed.
ContactsThe Sibling lookup information was overlapping with other controls, fixed.
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