Aeries Revision Notes 7/31/2020

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Student Transcripts reportThe newly designed 1-column transcript style will now display custom transcript indicators.
Teacher AttendanceThis page has been modified to support the new portal option "Allow teachers to take Multi-School Attendance". If a school enables the "Use Staff in Sections" school option along with the portal option, this page will display tabs, one for each school, when a teacher has multiple classes across multiple schools.
Portal OptionsA new option to "Allow teachers to take Multi-School Attendance" has been added to the Attendance tab. This option is available when the Flex Scheduling feature has been enabled.
Class Roster ReportThe Class Roster Report has been adjusted for ALL secondary schools to include a new option: Include Sections From Other Schools. When selected and when running for all sections, the report will include sections in other schools where the MST.SCL (or SMS.SCL) field is populated with the school from which the report is being run. This supports both Flex Scheduling and Non-Flex Scheduling schools although data will only display correctly if all campuses are configured the same. Also, most options on this page are now saved and reloaded when the report is run again.
Student Locator Cards reportThis report now has a new option called "Print only students with schedule changes since a specific date" that can be run for MST/SEC and will look at the Course Attendance (CAR) Table for changes.
Course AttendanceUsers can now add records to the course attendance ( CAR) table manually.
CCI Indicator SummaryThis page has been updated to properly evaluate 11th Grade SBAC results based on the best placement in the prior three years based on the California School Dashboard Technical Guide. Also, this page has been updated to include college courses taken during summer term in the evaluation of Measure C.
Student Attendance Campus Summary reportThis report now includes an Absence Summary in the school footer.
Student Attendance Campus Summary and Student Attendance District Summary reportsThe Campus and District Attendance Summary reports now include Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) totals to the Track and School footers.
TRExCurrent Course Work is now included in the TREx export. It uses current transcript rules for outputting current student classes.
Attendance by PhotoThis page has been adjusted to support the Use Staff in Sections option.
Aeries Mobile APIThe attendance endpoint for the Aeries Teacher app has been adjusted to support the Use Staff in Sections option.
Classroom AttendanceThis page has been adjusted for Flex Scheduling and Attendance.
Gradebook SummaryThe attendance section of the widget has been adjusted for Class Attendance for Flex Scheduling Schools.
Attendance Submission LogThis page has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Readmit Slips reportThis report has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling and Class Attendance.
Attendance ManagementThe feature to mass input attendance is now available for flex scheduling.
Report OptionsAn issue with Report Options was discovered where report options were being saved when they should not have been. This could have presented a security risk in some situations. Fixed.
Profile Class SummaryThe class summary widget would be blank in instances where the student's final term in a school year ended, fixed. Also, the class summary widget will now display future term information when a student is in between terms.
GradebookIf attendance was initialized but the first day of school has not begun, students could not be added to gradebook, fixed.
SecurityAfter a New Year Rollover, users were able to select locked out years from the year selection drop down after having logged in to a unlocked year, fixed.
User Defined Student DataAfter recent security updates, deep links to this page have not worked properly, fixed.
SibilingsThe Telephone and Address fields were visible to teachers even when the Do Not Report (STU.DNR) tag was enabled, fixed. Also, teachers were able to access the siblings lookup area, fixed.
Sibilings reportThis report now honors the Do Not Report (STU.DNR) tag.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSC extract has been updated to include an explicit value for the Charter Non-Core, Non-College (9.31) column. CALPADS was returning an error, only affecting charter schools, if the course was a college course.
CCI Indicator SummaryThis page previously displayed students with one advanced test passed as Not Available. It has been updated to now display as Incomplete.
Block ScheduleThis page will be hidden for flex scheduling schools.
Parent Data ConfirmationParents unable to choose "None of the Above" on the category Residence Survey.
Portal OptionsResidence Survey unable to save "None of the above".
Texas ReportingThe LocationReference sub-complex and associated ref (Reference Type) has been removed from the TSDS InterchangeEducationOrganization extracts.
Transcript pageThe Limit Records button has been removed from the Parent and Student web portal. Also, the Transcript page was generating an error in older databases due to a type issue with CRS.CD and CRS.CM, fixed.
Import Course Requests from Academic PlanThis page would render a timeout error when running the update process for a large amount of records, fixed.
Online Enrollment ImportDeleting Partial records from Import and then viewing the Deleted records would cause an error, fixed.
UC/CSU Eligibility reportsWhen last day of school was today the Work in Progress Courses were not displaying, fixed.
DemographicsWhen in demo, this page would render an error when adding a new student with address data, fixed.
Student Class Schedule for All Students reportStudents with Next Grade set to 13 (STU.NG = 13) were not included on the report when printing for SMS/SSS and scheduling in current year, fixed.
Student Course Requests for All Students reportStudents with Next Grade set to 13 (STU.NG = 13) were not included on the report when scheduling in current year, fixed.
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