Fixed - Known Issue - Adding a New Student to a Parent Account in the New Parent Portal can cause an error - fixed 8/14/2020

Update: a fix to this issue was shipped on 8/14/2020

When a Parent attempts to add a New Student to their account in the New Parent Portal it can cause an error and a Yellow error screen, and Parents are unable to continue to access their account. Programming has identified the issue and working on a solution. 

If this problem is occurring you may take the following steps:

For Parents, you cannot go back into the Parent Portal until you clear all your cache.

For Admins, disable the "Allow Parents and Students to preview the New Parent Portal" setting in District Settings > Other Student Settings

Optionally, you may run this SQL :

update pao
set ov = 'False'
where nm = 'AeriesParentPortalPreview'
and ov <> 'False'

We start school tomorrow and are having the same issue.

Same, Heather!  

I second the request for an ETA.  We are right in the middle of data confirmation and we have parents that are incapable of confirming the data for their new kiddos!   We are also starting school next week!

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Any ETA on the fix for this?  This is becoming a huge problem for us.

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We have not enabled the "Allow Parents and Students to preview the New Parent Portal" but we are still having incidences where parents are not seeing all their students (specifically new students) in the parent portal.  Does this known issue apply to that?

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