9/16/2020 - ELPAC 2019-20 Student Data File Layout - Updated Information

9/16/2020 - Updated Information - The Summative ELPAC 2019-20 Student Data file layout has been added to the Import Test Results page with the 9/15/2020 Aeries update, however it has been labeled with an incorrect testing administration of ELPAC Test Results - SY:2020-21 when it should be ELPAC Test Results - SY:2019-20. A programming task has been created to update the label to the correct testing year, but in the meantime the ELPAC Test Results - SY:2020-21 file layout can still be used to import the 2019-20 Summative ELPAC test results.

Summative ELPAC - Programming is working on updating the Import Test Results screen to honor the Summative ELPAC 2019-20 Student Data File Layout changes. When you receive your ELPAC data file if wish to assist us in our testing process please contact us at support@aeries.com and we will provide information on where to send your database and data file. Please continue to check this INFO button for the latest information.

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