Aeries Revision Notes 7/17/2020

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Flex SchedulingFlex Scheduling is a new, innovative way to design a master schedule and is now available to Early Adopter Districts to implement. This system allows for an unlimited number of periods (no longer limited to periods 0-9). It allows for an unlimited combination of Class Calendars to accommodate College-Like schedules with mixtures of days throughout the year. It also allows for an unlimited number of teachers to be linked to a section and uses Staff IDs instead of Teacher Numbers to do this. Each teacher assignment to a section even has fields for Start and End Date, Role, and includes permissions for Attendance, Gradebook, and Student Access. Flex Scheduling also brings in a new concept for attendance: Class Attendance instead of Period Attendance. In this new system, attendance codes are linked to the Section, not a specific period. Flex Scheduling is the future of scheduling in Aeries and we are excited to be opening up this critical piece of functionality at this time. If your schools are planning AM/PM sets of periods this year or other complex schedules, Flex Scheduling may be the right solution for you. For more information and to register for an upcoming overview workshop, go to or contact Aeries Support.
No Show ManagerThis is a new page which allow users to mark students as no shows in bulk.
TranscriptsThis page will now display custom transcript indicators defined by the district. A legend will also display at the bottom of the page.
Google IntegrationThis is a new page to configure Google integration for Staff members similar to the way Students are. This will allow districts to automatically create Staff member accounts in Google on a nightly basis and individually as they are added to Aeries. The process can also automatically add Staff who have a TCH record to the Classroom_Teachers group.
Table and Field InformationA new method to allow users to see the Table and Field where data in Aeries comes from has been added to the Student Demographics and Contacts pages, indicated by a new grid icon. This new design will be used on other pages in the future.
Student Transcript report (Beta)The new Enhanced (1-Column) transcript will now include Add-On Graduation Requirements in the Credit Summary section when the HS Grad Status option is selected on Transcript Definitions.
Financial TransactionsUsers can now change the amount of a payment transaction that is in the Pending or Completed state.
Student DemographicsWhen the option to "Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student Data (ESD)." is enabled from School Settings, this page will now allow for users with Admin permissions to ESD to view full Social Security Numbers instead of the last 4 digits.
Language AssessmentA new Dual Language Immersion tab is now available to help track multi-year Dual Language Immersion programs.
OneRoster v1p1The OneRoster API and CSV extract have been modified to return courses and classes based on the teacher's grade levels for elementary schools without MST per the request of multiple vendors.
Student DemographicsThis page has been adjusted to provide for a full student header bar, matching the header layout of other student-related pages.
LoginWhen accessing Aeries over an insecure HTTP domain the staff and parent login pages now display warnings and links to the secure HTTPS version of the application.
CachingAll requests are now set to never cache in the browser. This applies to all pages. Static resources such as javascript files, images, and other resources will still be able to take advantage of browser side caching.
SecurityServer identifying headers have been removed from all requests. This limits the amount of information malicious actors can ascertain about a district's server environment.
ClassesThe Classes page has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling.
OneRoster v1p1The OneRoster API and CSV extract were modified to support schools that are setup for Flexible Scheduling Type and/or Section Staff.
Update AttendanceThis page has been adjusted for Flex Scheduling and Attendance.
Attendance EnrollmentThis page has been adjusted for Flex Scheduling and Attendance.
Attendance ManagementThe verification tab has been adjusted to support Flex Scheduling. In the flex scheduling version, the period's totals from the Attendance are displayed for editing related absence code the user has to select edit periods, and the period's information will be displayed in an expanded row. Navigation permission was ATT read changed to ATT.Update.
Email ListWhen a school is using flex scheduling, or when a school is using section staff, the staff information will be displayed from the STF table, instead of teacher data from the TCH table. In addition, the staff role will be displayed if available, along with an indication when it's a primary teacher. The checkbox will be checked by default only for primary teachers.
Aeries Mobile APIThe Aeries Mobile Portal attendance endpoint has been modified to support the new Class Attendance System.
Content Standard ScoresThe Scale Score field has been added to this page.
Grade Report Mark Verification Listing reportAdded option to print a signature/date line.
Student ProfileThe Career Pathways widget on this page has been updated to highlight non-traditional marks with credit values equal to 0 in red for Spring and Summer 2020.
State Seal of BiliteracyA new option has been added to allow the selection of inactive foreign language courses.
At-Risk IndicatorsThe "Manually Flagged" option of the Update Frequency dropdown has been changed to "Externally Sourced". This option is for future use.
Assets Checked Out To Students reportThis report now honors KEEP/SKIP.
Student Locator Cards reportThis report was available at the district level in error. If run, it would generate an error. It has been removed from the list of reports available at the district level.
Master Schedule reportThis report was available at the district level in error. If run, it would generate an error. It has been removed from the list of reports available at the district level.
CALPADS ExtractsUnder some circumstances, the STAS extract could give an unexpected error, preventing the creation of the extract file, fixed. Also, some students enrolled after Last Day of Regular School Attendance might not be included, fixed. Also, there was the potential of having a record with exempt tag that would also have attendance data, fixed. Finally, the total number of records listed was not always correct, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsChanged discipline button caption from "Create Discipline Files" to "Create Incident Files".
Student Locator Cards reportThe name field on this report would span over a student's ID number for long names, fixed.
StaffThe permissions for edit and delete were not being properly implemented, fixed.
Student TranscriptThe Transcript Credit Summary included academic plan data in the assignment of credits to subject areas, fixed.
504 PlanThe quick add pop-up on this page displayed inactive staff members, fixed.
Career Pathway ManagementThis page would not display students in the pathway details if the course name contained the character "y", fixed.
Career PathwayThis page would not display student course data if they did not have transcript data for courses in the pathway.
DemographicsThe Suffix and Legal Suffix dropdowns were not displaying data since the 7/2 update, fixed.
Student Schedule Listing reportFixed an error for Flex Schools when a class has a missing Flex Period or no Section Staff.
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