Aeries Database Changes 7/17/2020

Is New?TableFieldComments
Added new Dual Language History (DLH) table for use in Language Assessment.
FALSEESITYAdded Type (TY) to the External Student IDs (ESI) table for use with Google Staff Integration.
FALSEGBKSIDAdded Staff ID (SID) to the Gradebook (GBK) table for use with Flex Scheduling.
Added grade level fields (C0-C18) to the Testing Control (CTL) for storing assessment names for use in Texas.
FALSECSTSSAdded Scale Score (SS) field to the Content Standard Scores (CST) table.
FALSEACTRSIncreased size of Reason (RS) field in the Activities (ACT) table for use in Texas.
FALSEXRFFC, FC1Increased size of Field Code (FC, FC1) fields in the Cross Reference (XRF) table for use in Texas.
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