Aeries Revision Notes 7/2/2020

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Portal OptionsA new Gradebook Lock Options section has been added to the Gradebook tab. This section allows schools to lock Gradebook options or Gradebook areas such as Categories, Final Marks, and Rules.
GradebookAeries Gradebook has been adjusted to honor the new Gradebook Lock Options.
Records TransferThe College Hours field in HIS can now be transferred between districts.
Aeries CommunicationsParentSquare Notification Preferences for Parents can now be set via the Contacts page.
Early Childhood EducationIncome guidelines have been updated to the 2020-2021 guidelines for the EESD 9600 Application and the 801a extract.
District SettingsA new option has been added to warn if a student record does not have an SSN or State Alternate ID.
Attendance HistoryThe page has been adjusted to include the home school code.
Attendance History ConfigurationThe functions used in the calculation of the attendance history summary have been updated to include the home school in the processing.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to the log in process to honor the password requirement when changing the password for the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal and Aeries Teacher apps.
Special ProgramsNew filters options have been added to this page.
Graduation StatusStudent Add-On Graduation Requirement status is now editable. The "Add / Update" button has been changed to "Manage". The "Opt-Out" option has been moved from the main widget to the Manage popup window. The Manage window will now display the current status along with the "Status Override" dropdown.
CALPADS ExtractsThe STAS extract has been adjusted to be able to extract attendance data aggregated by home school, matching the student enrollment described in the SENR extract. Also, the STAS extract had incorrectly been including records for students with Enrollment Status code of 50: Non=ADA, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SENR extract has been adjusted to fix the issue of having a potential duplicate record if there was a 440 exit reason on the last student, last record, to process.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSC file had the potential of extracting incorrect values for some of the indicators (9.28-9.32, 9.34) when the school was flagged as Alternative Ed Scheduling and the course number in MST was a placeholder, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsCollege courses taken during summer terms will now be included in the CRSC/SCSC extracts for CALPADS EOY processing so they can be included for student College/Career Indicators.
TeachersThis page has been modified to support Section Staff.
Scheduling Letter to Parent reportThis report now sorts by Flex Period start time when using Flex Scheduling.
Send EmailsThis page has been adjust to support Flex Scheduling and Section Staff.
Master Schedule and Scheduling Master pagesA new field for CTE Hours has been added to flag the number of hours a CTE course is worth (should be 1, 2 or 3). Also, the Copy function was not copying all fields properly, fixed.
Academic PlanStudents with HIS records that qualify for an A-G requirement that took place in a non-standard term would cause the academic plan to not display, fixed. These courses will now display on their own row.
Aeries Mobile APIThe wrong teacher number was recorded in the ASL table when attendance was submitted by a team teaching teacher.
Update Absence CodesUnder certain circumstances the color code would not save when editing or adding an attendance code, fixed.
Scheduling MasterThe View Calendar link was not displaying dates when scheduling for next year, fixed.
Students With More Or Less Than N Periods reportThis report was giving an error for Flex Schools when a class has a missing Flex Period, fixed.
HomeThe Academic Plan Status Summary widget was not displaying data on the Home page when viewed in Middle Schools, fixed.
Academic PlanThis page was not displaying subject areas where a student had a qualifying course on their transcripts that took place in a non-traditional term, fixed.
Portal DocumentsIn Data Confirmation, the document tab was requiring parents to open at least one document in order to continue, even if documents were not flagged as "required", fixed.
TranscriptsWork in progress credits are double when current day is last day of the term, fixed.
Student Data Printout reportOptions on this report are now saved to a new Report Options table. Saved report options become report option defaults the next time the report is run.
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