Aeries Revision Notes 6/18/2020

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GradebookAeries Gradebook has been modified to honor the new "Create Gradebook Template" permission and the new portal option "Require Teachers to use Templates when Creating Gradebooks". Users with Insert permission to "Create Gradebook Template" can now mark their gradebooks as school templates. These school template gradebooks will be available to other teachers when they create gradebooks. The "Require Teachers to use Templates when Creating Gradebooks" portal option will require all teachers without the create template security permission to create gradebooks from a template only.
Online Enrollment Import ListThe "Find Matches" button now only displays when filtering for Pending Imports. The "View Enr" link is now a "View" button and displays on Pending and Imported filters. A new "Set As Incomplete" button has been added which allows Enrollments to be set back to Incomplete for parents to add/change information. All student name fields have been condensed down to one "Student Name" field. Student's residence Street and City are now combined into a single "Residence Address" fields. The "Delete" link now displays on the left as a button. The Enroll Date now includes the time the Parent completed the Enrollment process.
Online Enrollment Import DetailsA link with the Online Enrollment Account Email and Name has been added to this page.
Online Enrollment Import ListA link with the Online Enrollment Account Email and Name has been added to this page.
Behavioral EmergencyA new field has been added to this page to allow tracking the reason of the restraint/seclusion. There are no default/state codes. All the codes are user-defined and they are not reported to CALPADS. Additionally, after clarification from CDE, the Staff Type description has been adjusted to "02 - District police officer, school resource officer (SRO) or other Peace Officer NOT performing an arrest". Any BER record containing this code will not be reported to CALPADS. If a student is restrained while being arrested, a disposition code for Arrested should be entered, not a restraint record.
Career Pathways ManagementThis page has been updated to display courses taken in the 2019-2020 school year with non-traditional marks and having credit values equal to zero in red. 
Career PathwaysThis page has been updated to display courses taken in the 2019-2020 school year with non-traditional marks and having credit values equal to zero in red. 
CCI DashboardThe CCI process has been updated to count credit for courses with non-traditional marks during terms impacted by COVID-19. 
College Entrance Requirements, CSU Eligibility, and UC EligibilityThe pages and reports handling the calculation of credits for UC and CSU Eligibility have been updated to better support policy changes as a result of Spring 2020 School closures. The 5/07 Aeries update did not handle all school term values correctly, fixed. Also, the college entrance requirements page incorrectly included "D" grades as valid during the COVID impacted terms since the last Aeries update, fixed. 
Class AttendanceClass Attendance tables have been added to Aeries.
LoginModifications were made to the Login process to support the new "Use Staff in Sections" option for teachers.
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSC and SCSC extracts had the potential of causing a "Mismatch of Course Attributes" error when uploading the file if there were students with no credit hours in HIS for a course of level "24", fixed.
Medication ScheduleThis page now supports being used by teachers. Previously it was showing all students in the School with a medication scheduled.
Initialize ATT/CAR pageA warning message "There are no Classes scheduled (SEC Records) in this school. At least one Class for one Student must exist before Initializing ATT/CAR." will show on load page if there is no active records in the SEC table. This applies only to Schools configured as Secondary or Elementary with Master schedule.
School OptionsA new field has been added to store the "Short Name" for a school (e.g. SEHS for "Screaming Eagle High School"). This field is information only for now but may be used in the future.
Aeries Mobile APIThe student Class Summary in the Aeries Teacher app was not honoring the Display Mark / Hide Overall Score option from the Gradebook and also the Missing Assignments value was always zero, fixed.
Initialize ATT/CARThe View Students buttons on this page were not refreshing the list of students after selecting another button, fixed.
Student AttendanceIf the LTL table was not "PermID-based", which was available in older databases, this page was generating an error, fixed.
Parent Data ConfirmationThis page was giving an error when parents edited a Contact then went back to edit Student information and clicked save, fixed.
Import StudentsAn issue allowing non-mapped primary keys to be submitted for Import Students, fixed. Setting a Starting ID was not being honored, fixed. An issue with setting the SC as a custom value was resetting to 0, fixed.
School OptionsThe Track field (LOC.K) was not editable since the 5/21 update, fixed.
Aeries NavigationAfter redirecting from the Login page, the navigation menu did not expand to the current page, fixed.
Create Teacher Aide SectionsWhen creating teacher aide sections the LO and HI fields were not populated on the newly created sections, fixed.
Import Data to AeriesThis process would timeout and render an error when loading especially long files, fixed.
Import Data to AeriesThis process previously failed to update DEL tagged TST records properly, fixed. Also, Import Data History fields were misaligned in tables with a SX field, fixed. Also, tables with Sequence numbers would occasionally become un-mapped before import, allowing invalid records with SQ=0 to be created, fixed.
QueryThe list of tables was not showing the STU table at the top of the list like it had in the past, fixed.
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