Information - Summer School Support Update

For a few years now, there has been an "old way" and a "new way" of setting up summer school in Aeries. The old way required users to use our legacy Aeries Client product to create summer school databases and copy students and other related data. Since the old process required a significant amount of resources and since the Aeries Client will soon be phased out, Aeries Support will no longer offer assistance to customers in the old process, but will be glad to assist with the new process.

In contrast, there is a new and improved process which has been in place for a few years now. This includes additional features, such as collecting course requests ahead of time in the current school year. It can also be used in such a way that can mimic the old processes for those who do not wish to utilize the new features. We've created some documentation on this specific simplified process to copy students to summer school for those who may be accustomed to the "old way".

We also have robust documentation on summer school available in our knowledge base.

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