Known Issue - Current Import Data Issues - FIXED 6/18/2020

  • These items were fixed in the 6/18/2020 release.  

We are aware of several issues with Import Data that we are working on. Links have been provided below to the AeriesIdeas individual bug items. Please add yourself as a vote to these items if you want to be notified when they are resolved. 

Import Data History data fields are misaligned

This causes it to appear that the wrong field(s) were updated. However the import processed successfully and proper fields were updated. Programming is fixing the alignment issue.

Import Data sometimes imports records with Sequence field (SQ) = 0 which can cause problems.

This issue is occurring occasionally with some data imports that is resulting in the records being imported with a Sequence Number = 0. This is not correct and can cause issues. Programming is working on a fix and hope to release it as soon as possible.

Here is an example of how to avoid getting this error when Importing data: 

When the file is loaded, if there is a Sequence number, it defaults to Auto-Assigned. This is the proper way to handle sequence fields. 

Before the file can be imported, a choice needs to be made how to handle matching existing records; either to update the existing record, or skip the imported record. Until that choice is made, you are unable to import the records and the Import button is greyed out, as you can see above. This behavior is correct.

However, once you choose how to handle existing matching records, the mapping to the Sequence field is broken. This is what allows the data to be imported with a sequence code of 0. As you can see below, the Import button is functional at this point, when it should not be, as the required fields are no longer mapped. 

Until this behavior is fixed, if you must import data, be sure to go back and re-map the SQ field in order for the import to be handled properly. Then the file will process appropriately. 

Note that this issue may also be experienced if you are using existing mapping for imports. Be extremely careful and methodical when importing data, and make sure the sequence field is correctly mapped before you hit the Import button.

Import Data into GRD table sometimes fails with Server 500 error-timeout

Importing grades from 3rd party vendor using Import Data to Aeries. Mapping fields to GRD table, however with larger file, gets an error message and times out with the following Error message: "An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server. The status code returned from the server was: 500" - timeout

Import Data to TST table not properly handling delete-tagged records

I DEL tagged a group of TST records with ID = DORA. He imported another file of test records expecting NEW records to be added to TST. Instead, the DEL tagged records were UPDATED and no new records were added. During the UPDATE process, the DEL tag should be removed. 

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