Aeries Revision Notes 6/8/2020

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Student TranscriptThere is a new version of the Student Transcript available when defined from the Transcript Definitions page. The page header of this new report optionally includes additional information not available on the traditional transcript such as: County District School Code (County District Campus in Texas), College Board School Code (College Entrance Exam Board in Texas), State Seal (Texas only), Student Gender, Student Race and Ethnicity,and Student Social Security Number. It is highly recommended that Social Security Number NOT be enabled on the Transcript, but it is a requirement in Texas. The new report will print one line per transcript record, instead of 3 columns, allowing more information to print within each record. The information that can print within each record is: Department, Subject Area Code, Course ID, Course Title, State Course ID (Service ID in Texas), Mark, Credit Attempted, Credit Completed (State Credit and Local Credit in Texas), and Course Tag(s). Each section is grouped by Year, School, Grade, and Term, but can optionally be grouped by School and Department. There is also a user-defined footer that can be defined to print just above the signature line on the last page for each student. This new report is also designed to fit in a double-window envelope. Texas State Seal will print for students with an appropriate Grad Status code, if the option has been enabled. This is an option as some districts may choose to affix a pressure-seal instead.
Transcript DefinitionsThe Transcript Definitions page now includes a new setting for Transcript Style with options for Standard (3-Column) and Expanded (1-Column). When changing between the two, other options will show and hide based on functionality of each style. New options include: Show Department, Group on Department, Hide Credits Attempted, Print College Board School Code, Print Student Gender, Print Student Race/Ethnicity, Print Social Security Number, and a User Defined Footer. For Texas districts the Print State ID Number option has been renamed to Print Unique ID Number for consistency, and there is a new option to Print State Seals when selecting the new style of transcript. The new style of transcript will also expand the options available in the Name Under Transcript Title dropdown to include: School and District Name, and Reporting Home School and District. For Texas districts, the phrase "School of Accountability" is used instead of "Reporting Home School". Please note that the new option to Print Student Gender is turned off by default and will affect existing transcript definitions.
TranscriptsThe Print button on the Transcripts page will print the new transcript style if defined in the Transcript Definition Code selected to print.
District Student LookupThe Print Transcript option will use the new transcript style if defined in the Default Transcript Definition Code.
Parent Portal - Student Document RequestsA new page has been added for Parents to upload documents requested by the District either during the Data Confirmation process or through the new Student Document Requests page.
Student DocumentsDocuments uploaded by parents will be displayed in a pending status with an approval button for staff members to check once parent documents have been reviewed.
Portal Document RequestsThis is a new configuration page to request documents from parents. Parents can upload requested documents during a specified window of time via the Student Document Requests page or as part of the data confirmation process.
New Year RolloverThe New Year Rollover will now clear out Section when copying the Digital Store Item as it is year-based (DIT.SE = 0). Added logic to set Ed-Fi Organization (EFO) fields as follows: Read Only (RO) to True, Enable Scheduled Sync (ENS) and Enable Real Time Sync (ENR) to False. Removed the following Ed-Fi tables from the rollover as they are unnecessary to roll forward: Ed-Fi Results (EFR), Ed-Fi Entities (EFE), and Ed-Fi Data (EFD).
Attendance Code ColorsOn the Update Absence Codes page there is now a color code option for absence codes. Each attendance code's color can be selected from this page and will optionally display on the Student Attendance page for office staff and teachers. Colors will not display for students and parents in the portal.
GradebookThe Aeries Gradebook has been adjusted to support the new Grading Periods feature.
Portal OptionsNew options have been added for Teacher Attendance. The "Require clicking the 'All Remaining Students Are Present' button to Complete taking attendance" will change the teacher experience to require teachers to click the All Remaining Students Are Present button to register a record in the Attendance Submission Log (ASL) table. The "Lock Teacher Attendance for a class after the teacher clicks the 'All Remaining Students Are Present' button" goes along with the first option and when enabled, will lock a teacher out of changing any attendance information on that class after the button is pressed. And lastly, there is now an option to customize the text of the Attendance Complete button.
Teacher Attendance and Attendance by PhotoSupport has been added for the new Portal Options to require the Mark All Remaining Students Present button and to lock a teacher out of adjusting attendance after they click that button. Support has also been added for the custom text of that button.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to the Aeries Mobile API to support the upcoming Attendance Management feature for the Aeries Teacher app.
Aeries Mobile APIModifications have been made to Aeries Mobile API to support banned passwords and enforcing password reset for an upcoming version of the Aeries Mobile Portal and Aeries Teacher apps.
3rd Party System ConnectionsOn this page, ParentSquare can now be found as an option once you enable Aeries Communications.
Transcript Definitions and Student Transcript reportA new option to hide college credit only courses (course level 23) has been added. There is now a radio button that allows choosing between hiding only the credits and hiding the whole record. The transcript report has been adjusted to honor this new option. Additionally, the option is now supported in all the transcript definitions.
Class Roster reportA new report option has been added to include the word "Time" along side the "Date" in the signature area.
District SettingsA new option has been added to "Hide the Discipline Administrative Decision Hours Field".
Assertive DisciplineChanges were made to support the new district setting to hide the DSP.HR field. Also, naming of the DSP table has been made consistent as Administrative Decisions.
Student DemographicsThe "TransDist" field label has been changed to "ResDist" and the "Next TransDist" label has been changed to "Next ResDist."
Enrollment History reportChanges have been made to field labels to make them consistent with new standards.
Pre-Rollover Audit Listing Report OptionsChanges have been made to field labels to make them consistent with new standards.
Student Data Printout reportChanges have been made to field labels to make them consistent with new standards.
School OptionsThe recently added "Use Grading Periods Instead of Terms in Gradebook" option has been adjusted so that it can not be changed if Gradebook Terms or Grading Periods have already been defined in a school.
Grading PeriodsA new Color field has been added for each Grading Period. Users can choose a color for a Grading Period from the color choices.
CALPADS ExtractsThe SIRS and SOFF extracts had the potential to not extract a disposition or offense if two separate incidents happened on the same day and both had the same disposition or offense code, fixed. Also, in the SIRS extract, the number of days reported when a student is expelled will be set to zero if the disciplinary action modification is "Enforcement Suspended"
CALPADS ExtractsIn the SCSC extract, the logic for the Carnegie Units had the potential to extract an incorrect value, fixed.
CALPADS ExtractsThe STAS extract logic has been updated to include students enrolled after the last day of regular attendance. These students will be extracted with a "Y" in the Absence Exempt Indicator column. Also, teachers taking attendance would cause the Attendance History totals to be recalculated without limiting by the Last Day of Regular School Attendance when populated, fixed.
CCGI ExtractThis process incorrectly limited term values selected for Work in Progress resulting in duplicate records in the Course Grade Template file, fixed. Also, updated the testing file name to conform to CCGI naming standards.
Student Profile RibbonIn the list of Programs, the "Language Assessment" indicator has been changed to "English Learner".
Seniors Lacking Credit For Graduation reportKEEP/SKIP Support and Report Tags have been implemented on this report.
Mass Change Section NumbersA note has been added to this page about supporting Query KEEPs and SKIPs and a link has been added to the Query page.
CollegesWhen Viewing college information, users are now able to print the college information to an envelope.
Monthly Attendance Summary and Monthly Attendance Summary Analysis reportsColumn L text has been changed from J/(A*D) - G to J/(I-G).
Academic PlanDuplicates of courses fulfilling multiple options in a single requirement would duplicate, fixed. A pop-up has now been added to display pathway details.
Financial TransactionsThe transaction total paid was not updated if a pending payment was canceled, fixed.
Combine Student RecordsAn error was being generated on this page as a result of a field that was deleted, fixed.
GATEWhen adding a new record, the custom captions for the User 1 through User 8 fields were not showing, fixed.
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