Known Issue - Elementary Daily Attendance - ASL (Teacher Attendance Submission Log) Records not being Created when Attendance is Entered - FIXED 6/8/2020

This issue has been resolved in the 6/8/2020 Aeries Update: 

A recent bug has been introduced where the Teacher Attendance Submission Log (ASL) record is not created as the teacher posts attendance. This is occurring in Daily Attendance schools
The fix for this recent Daily Attendance issue is currently in Testing.

The quick fix for the teacher until we release the update is to either:
1. Click on the "All Remaining Students are Present" first (this will create the ASL record) and then select the Absent and Tardy codes (which will create the ATT records), or
2. Select the Absent and Tardy codes to create the ATT records, then refresh the screen and click on the "All Remaining Students are Present" button to create the ASL record.

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We had this ASL issue for a teacher yesterday. Please see attached print screens. She shows as submitted in the teacher portal, but there is nothing in ASL and she is on the missing attendance list.

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