Known Issue - 5/21 Update can break the Google integration - Fixed 5/22/2020

Update: The fix for this shipped on 5/22/2020

The latest update included new functions to Import Assignments and Scores to Google Classrooms. Unfortunately, it also included a change of scope which can result in this error message: 

Error:"unauthorized_client", Description:"Client is unauthorized to retrieve access tokens using this method, or client not authorized for any of the scopes requested.", Uri:"".  

Programmers are working on a fix right now.  In the meantime  Districts can fix this immediately by adding:
to their API Client Access List.

To update it they'll need to go to | Security | Advanced Settings | Manage API client access.

They'll need their Unique ID for the service account they are using for their Aeries Integration.   This can be located on the Google Apps Integration page on the “Google Service Account Settings” tab in the Service “Account Client ID” field. 

And then they'll need to copy in the entire scope list like this: 

If we're hosted will this be done for us?

In the Google admin cosole, do we need to change the client name in order to add the current push notifications API?

Aeries employees do not have access to our customers' Google environment.  But your staff member in charge of managing the Google Environment should be able to add in that new scope to get you up and running immediately, using the instructions provided. If you need further assistance, please contact support. 

If you do not choose to do this workaround, it will be fixed when customers update to the new version coming out later today. We will be applying that hotfix to our hosted customers’ databases automatically.  

The API scopes listed are omitting some of the scopes in your prior documentation here:

Is the documentation out of date?

Hi Kevin, 

The "Read Only" scopes that were omitted were previously included for future use only.  It doesn't hurt to have those in there as well, but at this point it's not foreseeable that we'll need those scopes so they'll be omitted in new releases to the documentation.

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Did this ever get resolved or do I need to still do the work around?  I ask because the create google classroom is not working for a summer school website.

Alexandra, yes this was fixed with the 5/22/2020 update. If you are on the current update and still have issues, please put in a support ticket. Since you are hosted, please ask to be directed to the DBA team. 

I'm sorry to bug you Jan, but our teachers in summer school are still experiencing problems and I did put in a service request.  (I'm a hosted client)

Alexandra, I just asked about your ticket and was told it's being reviewed by the DBA team and someone will contact you directly. I'm not involved in this issue, I had just been passing along info from the programmers as far as the workaround for this specific Known Issue. 

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I put in a ticket yesterday, I'm getting Google Errors every time we setup a student and now the Google Classroom link is not working.  Could you please advice if any other district is having a problem.

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