Aeries Revision Notes 5/21/2020

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Transcript DefinitionsThe Transcript Definition page has been modified so that the Transcript Definition Code selection is at the top of the page within an accordion and collapses upon selection to minimize space. The General tab now includes accordion style categories of options for: Design Options, Demographics, Record Details, GPA Options, Optional Areas, Image Options, and Custom Content. This change in design will limit the amount of space required to display the options on this page. Terms and TTP - Things to Print tabs remain, as they are not affected by the Transcript Definition Code selection, and an information box stating such has been added to each of those tabs. All other tabs now exist within the accordions on the General tab.
GradebookA new Import Assignments from Google button has been added to the dashboard for districts with Google Classroom enabled. This will allow teachers to import all of their Google Classroom assignments and scores into their Aeries Gradebook at once.
Google Apps IntegrationThe student directory sync now allows a time of day to be chosen for when the sync should occur. The Google Classroom sync also now includes an option to specify a time of day to sync. The Google Classroom sync also now has the ability to import all assignments and/or scores from teacher's connected Google classroom courses. If this feature is using to import assignments and scores nightly it will be important to make sure your teachers are aware of this change prior to enabling it. The credentials for the Google Service Account now accept the newer .json type credential to allow for further enhancements in the future, this can be downloaded from your Google Cloud Console API credentials area. Also the wording on the Google configuration page has been updated to indicate json is now the preferred private key type, and that the integration ID rather than the Application Name should be used.
Physical Fitness Test ManagementThis is a new page containing the following functions converted from Client: Recalculate Body Mass Index, Recalculate Percentage Body Fat, Recalculate VO2Max Scores. Also, the Calculate Physical Fitness Status function has been added to this page and removed from the Physical Fitness Status page. This page is available for both School and District users.
Language Assessment ManagementUpdate ELPAC scores into LAC is a new feature converted from Client and available on this new page.
Language AssessmentNew Fields have been added to this page to display English Written Lang Score/Level, Spanish Written Lang Score/Level, Other Language Score/Level, also Composite scores/level renamed to contain ELPAC Overall Score/Level. Also, the new fields have been added to related reports. Language Test History (LAS), two new fields added for storing English Written Lang Score/Level.
Import Data to AeriesA new tab has been added to the Import Data to Aeries page to Import Students into Aeries. This feature allows users to import new students from excel or csv files and includes functionality to auto-assign student SN and ID values.
School OptionsA new school option has been added to indicate how the All-Day Attendance Code field is managed in Period Attendance schools: ether Manually, or by using an Attendance Time. When Attendance Time is selected there is an option to identify the ADA Time for a school. This option can be used to allow period attendance schools to have a "Home Room" that always meets at a specific time of the day to represent the attendance for the entire day. This is not a recommend attendance accounting method for most CA schools, but is an option for some specialized schools and TX schools. Also, the Variable Attendance Period option on this page has been removed as it is no longer used.
Portal OptionsWhen the new School Option for Attendance Time All Day Attendance Code Management is selected, there is now a new Portal Option to identify the Start and End Times for when attendance can be taken in the Period that meets during a school's ADA Time.
Teacher AttendanceThe Teacher Attendance, Attendance by Photo, and Seating Chart pages have been adjusted to support the new School and Portal options for managing All Day Attendance Codes via period attendance taken at a specific time during the day.
Standards Based GradesThe new options for a 1 Mark and 2 Mark report card for the 2-Column Portrait layout will now also control the number of marking periods displayed on the Standards Based Grade pages. Specifically: Standards Based Grades by Teacher, Teacher SBG, Student SBG, and Standards Based Grades Input. Also the Comment Terms will limit by the number of marks selected.
Standards Based Report CardsThe Report Card History process was not getting the report card style from Standards Based Options, specifically the number of marks to print, before printing each student, fixed.
Standards Based SetupWhen using the Print Standard ID in Mark option on the Preview Report Card in Standards Based Setup, the Mark field will now stay at full size as if a 4-mark report card, rather than shrinking based on the number of marks to print. This will allow the full Standard ID to display in each record.
Scheduling MasterA new field has been added that will flag a section to be excluded by the Scheduler. When this flag is set, the section will not have students added to it by the Scheduler. Instead, students can only be hand-scheduled into the section.
Import Data to AeriesThis page has been updated to include the ability to import GTT data.
District SettingsA new district option to hide the Student Number (STU.SN) has been added for district users. When enabled, this option will hide STU.SN on the Student Demographics page and the Student information section on the top of most pages.
Secondary Student DataVarious changes have been made to hide fields not required by different states. The Active Military (for TX) and CALPADS Post-Secondary Status (for CA) fields have been moved from the Perkins tab to the General tab. The Perkins tab will now only be visible if the corresponding data from SSD is populated.
Aeries Mobile APICode has been added to support future integrations with ParentSquare through the apps.
New Year RolloverAdded "Approve" and "Disapprove" buttons for use with Aeries Cloud Services customers.
CALPADS ExtractsThe STAS file could have some incorrect rounding totals, which would cause an error when uploading to CALPADS, fixed. Also, when extracting a school with no discipline records, sometimes the system would not update the "Processing..." message even when the extract process had finished, fixed.
Class SummaryThe add website window height has increased to look better on the screen.
Quick Asset Information LookupUsers now only need Read permission to DRI table instead of MassAdd to view this page. Also, a link has been added to conveniently view the asset form of the student or staff assigned to a checked out asset.
Reset Parent / Student AccountsThis page will now only display in the navigation when logged in at the "District" level. This process runs district wide and has no option to be run by school.
Scheduling Master Schedule Errors reportThis report has been disabled for schools using Flex Scheduling for SMS.
Scheduling Master Schedule reportThis report has been adjusted to support using section staff.
At-Risk IndicatorThis feature is now available to all users.
Aeries MenuThe menu and settings icons have been added to the top of the page when going to the full site from the Mobile Portal App.
System SecurityAdjustments have been made to prevent unauthorized access to files on web servers.
Asset Letter Text EditorThis page now supports a tag for student ID.
Graduation Status Letter Text EditorThis page now supports a tag for student ID.
Scheduling Class Load Analysis reportThis report displayed inaccurate totals for summer school courses, fixed.
Scheduling Master BoardThis page incorrectly tallied student section totals for summer school sections, fixed.
OneRoster APIThe PUT LineItems endpoint was giving an error when the same assignment was updated with a different max score, fixed.
Summer School Course Request ManagementThis page was not displaying when there were DEL tagged students in the school, fixed.
Analytics Item DefinitionsCopying definition and thresholds of Graduation Requirements or College Entrance Requirements indicator type was genrating an error, fixed.
Data ValidationsEntering the staff page from links in the Data Validation Results page would result in several features of the staff page breaking if the staff member was inactive, fixed.
Import Data to AeriesThis process previously failed to import student grade to TST data when mapping from SSID, fixed.
QueryQuerying custom tables with conditions caused returned no data even when data existed, fixed.
Staff APIUpdates failed to correctly change staff gender values, fixed.
SiblingsThis page failed to redirected users to sibling demographic pages when they lacked permission to the sibling's school, fixed.
CounselingThis page failed to display descriptions for school based codes that were enabled in AdminCS and added in Aeries Web, fixed.
Student Counseling reportThis page failed to display descriptions for school based codes that were enabled in AdminCS and added in Aeries Web, fixed.
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