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Creating Pre-Enrolled Student Records

I am currently trying to create pre-enrolled records for our 6th-grade students. I've tried using a KEEP query on that group of students and then running the create pre-enrolled records function but it still keeps creating student records from other grade levels. Any suggestions?

If the 6th graders are the highest grade in your school they are coming from, you can choose the option for "Process High Grade Only."  Also calculate them first to make sure the numbers look right before you continue.  This is only for analysis, not for actual processing.


Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, it still ended up creating pre-enrolled records for all grades. I thought I was doing something wrong and went to the Aeries documentation and it shows that button is only used for the analysis part and will not affect the grade level of students actually pre-enrolled. After reading that I tried running a KEEP query but that didn't help either.

Is anyone having issues creating *PreEnrolled records? I am on the 5/14 revision and records are not creating.

Are you running the process under the district or site?

I am running the process under site? Should it be district?

No, just checking. Did you check the grade levels under school options and is the next grade populated? If so, then I'm not sure why it would be doing that. I know I was having issues with something else. 

The next grade level is correct and the next school code is correct.  

Thank you, I will put in a ticket to see what is going on with it.

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