Known Issue - Various EOY issues

The following issues have been identified with the EOY file submissions to CALPADS. We are updating this list as items are added and/or resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as possible to amend our extraction process. 

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Course Files:

CRSC not extracting all new fields when AltEd Sched/Grading is used 

SCSC is not extracting the new Std Grade Range or Content Standards Alignment fields for sections using the Alternative Education Scheduling with placeholder courses. Programming is looking into this issue.

SCSC0513- Carnegie Units Earned cannot be greater than 1 

CALPADS added a validation to this field that we were unaware of. We have reached out to CALPADS to ask how to handle situations involving college credit classes where credits received may be more than 1 year's worth of Carnegie Units. As soon as we have clarification from them, we will make the changes necessary to resolve this issue. However, for local classes, they should NOT assign more than 1 year's worth of credits completed for a single term; they would need to break it up into separate records. 

CRSC0231-Mismatch of Course Attributes    

CALPADS is currently rejecting CRSC records for multiple sections of a course with CL-24 because of a mismatch of certain course attributes. Programming is aware of it and they will virtualize a new course name in addition to a new course section to resolve these errors.    

Discipline Files

SIRS0489: Missing Incident Result Duration Days

For students who were expelled but the enforcement was suspended, the SIRS extract is not pulling 0 under the duration days for these students. It is exporting a blank value which is being rejected by CALPADS.  QC has determined that his is a bug.

CERT153: Missing Student Incident Result (SIRS) Record for Student

When a student has two separate incidents on the same day, the SIRS and possibly SOFF process are not extracting the records into the files. QC has determined that his is a bug.

SIRS - Mechanical Restraint Performed by Peace Officers

At this time all records in the Behavioral Emergency Report (BER) table are being reported to CALPADS in the SIRS extract.  We have learned that per Education Code 49005.1 physical or mechanical restraints reported to CALPADS do NOT include those performed by peace officers or security personnel:

(2) (A) “Mechanical restraint” does not include the use of devices by peace officers or security personnel for detention or for public safety purposes.

(2) “Physical restraint” does not include the use of force by peace officers or security personnel for detention or for public safety purposes.

We will be adding a new value to the Staff Type field in the Behavioral Emergency Report (BER) table of "Peace Officer". Any BER records with that Staff Type will not be extracted in the SIRS file. 

  • As a temporary work-around, a new BER.CD value that is "Police Mech Restraint" (or similar wording) can be added to the Code (COD) table but do not create a CALPADS code translation for it. The BER record will not be included in the CALPADS discipline file.

Absence Summary Files:

CERT128 - Missing STAS Attendance 

The guidance listed below is still applicable, however, the STAS extract still needs to be refined to be sure the records are included.

  • Documentation created outlining process to create STAS Exempt records for students in this scenario LINK

**************************************** RESOLVED ISSUES ****************************************

Absence Summary Files:

STAS0318 - Total not equal to sum of all day types    **Fixed in the 5/21 update 

Rounding issue when processing some AltEd schools. Adding together the 3 types of days does not equal the total number of days submitted; it is off by .001 days.  Programming is working to solve the rounding issue. 

CERT128 - Missing STAS Attendance  **Updated guidance

STAS Extract needs exempt records for students who enroll/switch schools between Last Day of Regular Attendance and the end of school. Programming is looking into the best way to handle this. CALPADS should be putting out a Flash communication on this subject soon. Update: CALPADS Flash 178 recommended submitting a STAS Exempt record for students who fit this scenario. 

  • Documentation created outlining process to create STAS Exempt records for students in this scenario LINK

Discipline Files:

SINC/SIRS/SOFF files are stuck in processing   **Fixed in the 5/21 update

This may happen if a school does not have ANY statutory offense OR Behavioral Incidents to report. Programming is working on this issue. 

  • Workaround: Exclude the school with no discipline records from the discipline file creation until this issue is resolved. 

Files: SINC/SIRS/SOFF files are stuck in processing  **Fixed in the 5/14 hotfix update

We are finding this when there is a duplicate Incident ID for the same student for a different day. This is bad data, and needs to be corrected. We will see if there is any adjustments we can make to the extract process to allow it to complete and/or notify user of the incorrect data. 

  • Workaround: Use SQL query to find the student with the duplicate Incident IDs and determine if one needs to be deleted and additional dispositions added to the actual incident, or if it is a separate incident that needs a new IID
 AND DT >= '2019-07-01'

SINC0496 - Missing Student Instructional Support Indicator   **Fixed in the 5/14 hotfix update 

CALPADS has changed the requirement for the Instructional Support Indicator; it is now a required field on the SINC extract for ALL students with a Statutory Offense Indicator of "Y". It only used to be required when a student with disabilities was suspended; all the rest were allowed to be blank. We will be adjusting our SINC extract to automatically populate that field with a "N" value if the Statutory Offense code is Y and the ADS.ISI field is blank. CALPADS Cross Reference document updated with new SINC requirement

  • Workaround: Use CHANGE query to populate missing ADS.ISI fields with "N"

SIRS0490 - Missing Incident Result Authority code     **Fixed in the 5/14 hotfix update

Some records are not extracting the DSP.AA field even when translated. Programming is looking into this issue.  

GERR0001 - Required Field Missing - CALPADS Known Issue #5351

The GERR0001 IVR incorrectly triggers on SIRS field Incident Result Authority Code when Code = 300 or 400, and the student has an active SPED record. This is a Known Issue on CALPADS side - Problem 5351.

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We have updated this with other issues that have been discovered. We are working with our Programmers and CALPADS to resolve these as quickly as possible. 

Hi Jan:

I am still getting a SIRS0490 - Missing Incident Result Authority code 

Some records are not extracting the DSP.AA field even when translated. Programming is looking into this issue.  

Can you please let me know when this is resolved or what I need to do to resolve it?

I have checked to make sure the Action Authority is selected and it is.

Thank you,

Jennifer Welch

We will be putting out a hotfix soon correcting some of these issues. If you "Follow" this page, you will get notification when items are fixed. 

A hotfix for the following CALPADS items just shipped today. Here is the revision note:

  • The discipline files would not finish extracting if there were duplicate Incident IDs for the same school and student. Now, the process will allow the duplicate Incident ID records to be created. CALPADS will catch any invalid duplicate records and flag them for the Districts to be addressed. Also, the new default value for Instructional Support Indicator is "N" for all students. Finally, the Action Authority code was not extracting for students with disabilities, fixed.

Some issues have been updated, and some new issues identified with CALPADS EOY reporting.

Is anyone having issues extracting data for their SCTE file? 

Not that we've heard. Do you have students marked as completers in this academic year? They need the checkmark in the Career pathway page. 

Yes, they have the checkmark in the Career Pathway page for this academic year.

In our testing, we were able to generate SCTE files. Please submit a ticket. 

I see STAS0318 is listed as one of the issues.  Are STAS0309 and STAS0310 part of the same issue?  They all have to do with invalid days.

If you received those errors in addition to the STAS0318 error on the same upload, they might all be related. If so, you should try the file again with the latest version of Aeries. If you received those errors separately, then that would point to a different error, and you should contact support so they can explore it with you. 

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