Aeries Revision Notes 5/7/2020

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Language Assessment ManagementThis is a new page in Aeries and contains functions pertained to Language assessment data such as Calculate Years in Program for All Students.
Language FunctionCalculate Years in Program for All Students is a new feature converted from Client and available on the new Language Assessment Management page.
Mass Change Every N Att CodeThis is a new page available in Aeries that was converted from the Aeries Client. This page will allow users to change Attendance for students to be specific codes on every Nth pattern.
Aeries CommunicationsAeries Users, Parents and Students can now SSO to the ParentSquare system via the Communications link using a SAML Configuration.
CALPADS ExtractsThe new discipline extract function has been adjusted to process a non-suspendable offense code in ADS.CD that has an associated BER record. Also, the Carnegie Units column is now being included in the SCSE and SCSC extracts. Also, the SCTE extract button has been re-enabled. There has been no changes to this extract.
CALPADS ExtractsThere are no changes to the STAS file, but the new "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" in the District Settings and School Information pages will impact the attendance summary counts.
Create ROP ExtractThis extract has been converted from Aeries Client and is now available in Aeries Web.
District SettingsA "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" field has been added to the page to track emergency closures. This date will be used in the calculation of Attendance History Details (AHD) and Attendance History Summary (AHS) for all the schools. By entering a date in this field, calculations will be performed up to that date. Therefore, the CALPADS STAS extract for this school year will also only contain attendance summary data up to the specified date.
School InformationA "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" field has been added to the page to track emergency closures. Entering a date here is optional and should only be used if the last day of attendance differs from the date specified in District Settings. If a date is entered here, it will override the district date.
Grading PeriodsThis is a new page in Aeries that allows users to define more granular grading periods per calendar term. Each grading period can be linked to the gradebook and can be weighted differently in the overall. More features will be coming in future releases. 
School OptionsA new option to "Use Grading Periods Instead of Terms in Gradebook" has been added to this page.
Aeries Mobile APIEndpoint was added to support Class Summary for Student Profile in the Teacher App.
Free and ReducedIncome eligibility guidelines have been updated for the 20-21 school year.
College Entrance Requirements, CSU Eligibility, and UC EligibilityThe pages and reports handling the calculation of credits for UC and CSU Eligibility have been updated to support policy changes as a result of Spring 2020 School closures. A new setting must be set by schools: "Does the School Year on HIS records change for the Summer following an academic year?" This option will allow Aeries to determine which HIS records to allow the issuance of credit instead of the receipt of an "A", "B" or "C" to count the course as meeting course completion needs to UC and CSU.
Golden State Seal Merit DiplomaThis page has been updated to support CA Science Test criteria as a part of the assessment process.
Data ValidationNew Default Data Validation Definitions have been added for Aeries Communications and New Year Rollover. Click the "Add/Update Defaults" button on the Data Validation Config page to add the new definitions. Also, when editing an existing default definition, the name will automatically be changed when saving to indicate the default definition has been altered. Also, the "Overlapping Program Records" definition was causing false-positives, fixed.
District SettingsThere is a new option to process transcripts chronologically. When this option is selected, the optimization option will be set to true and disabled. The optimization will not be part of the new process.
Graduation/College Readiness DashboardThe calculation of the graduation status has been adjusted to honor the new district option to process transcripts chronologically.
Portal OptionsA new option to "Disable Load Grades From Gradebook" has been added to Grades section of this page.
Grades and Standards Based Grades pagesThese pages have been modified to honor the new portal option "Disable Load Grades From Gradebook".
9600 ApplicationThe State Median Income threshold for being income eligible on the 9600 application has been corrected to be 85% of the State Median Income.
Ineligibility Listing reportNew sort options have been added to this report including ID, Name, Grade Level and Student Program.
Import Data to AeriesImporting to ATT table has been re-enabled and now properly logs to the ATL table.
System-wide"Permanent ID"/"Perm ID" text labels across the system have been updated to read "Student ID"/"Stu ID".
Scheduling Class Load Averages reportThis report has been adjusted to support using Section Staff.
Attendance EnrollmentChanging an existing Enter record "E" to Both "B" (Enter/Leave) deleted attendance records before and after the date. It has been modified to only delete records after the date.
Student Data Audit reportStudents born inside the US were being warned with "The student initial US School Enrollment Date must be greater than 4 years from the student birth date", fixed. Also, Programs 300-306 now look at Eligibility dates instead of participation dates. Also, a discipline warning was being unnecessarily generated by students who change schools "Offense assigned to a different school.", fixed.
TranscriptsInvalid marks were being saved, fixed.
Parent PortalIn some situations when a parent account wasn't yet linked to a student, an error would be generated, fixed.
Financial TransactionsWhen a student's account contained a credit, the credit was not being automatically applied to unpaid fees if a pending payment existed for the same transaction, fixed. Also, a pending payment will now be automatically applied to a different transactions when the initially charged transaction is fully or partially paid.
SMS BoardAll of the options except "Schedule Alternates" option on the Scheduling Options tab were default to on, they were default to off previously, fixed.
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