Known Issue - With 4/10/20 update, CRSE files are being rejected by CALPADS - Fixed 4/14/2020

Update -  An update was released on 4/14/2020 with this fix:  The new Carnegie Units column has been temporarily removed from the SCSE and SCSC extracts. 

Because we released the new EOY file layouts before they were implemented inside CALPADS, it is causing issues with the SCSE files that are currently being submitted to CALPADS because of the extended Fall 2 deadline. We need to change our extract routine to extract the old layout for SCSE until after EOY starts, so they can still be submitted. We will be fast-tracking the change and release it as a hot fix as soon as it is ready. We apologize for the inconvenience.

At this time, the only work around is to delete the last carat in each line. Or, they could start Excel, open the SCSE file making sure while delimiting the file by the carat character to put all the rows as Text. 

Then, delete Column U, and put a space in the first row in column T. Then save the Excel file as a .csv and upload that into CALPADS. 
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This year I'm having an issue with CRSE upload failure to CALPADS because it is not extracting the Courses...I have a ticket in for this with support. Is anyone else hving this issue?

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