Aeries Revision Notes 4/10/2020

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New Year RolloverThe New Year Rollover has been updated for the 2020-21 Rollover. The following options have been added: "Skip Free and Reduced Meals" (ROL.SFRE), "Update Student Group Staff/Students" (ROL.USG), "Copy Graduates to Inactive School" (ROL.CGS), "Copy Pre-Enrolled to Next School" (ROL.CPE), "Enable SQL Query Store" (ROL.SQS), and "Enable Row Compression Logic" (ROL.RCL). When copying custom tables defined in the Custom Table Definitions (CTD) table, Identity Columns were not being honored, fixed. The option to "Copy custom SQL modules" (ROL.CCS) will now also copy custom Indexes that were added to any table, custom or otherwise. The Rollover process will update the new year's Scheduling Type to "Flex Scheduling" if the Scheduling Setup was set for "Flex Scheduling in Next Year". When the option to "Bypass Updating Scheduled Processes" is NOT selected, Google Integration will be automatically disabled in the current year upon completion of the Rollover. Any Database Lock-Out options that were set prior to initializing the Rollover process will be reverted to their original settings upon completion, rather than being cleared. The Student Summer Scheduling Schedules Backup (SRB) table will no longer be copied during the rollover, but only during the Copy Student into Summer Schools process.
Copy Students into Summer SchoolsThe Copy Students into Summer Schools process will now copy new Summer Alternate Course Requests (SAR) over to Alternate Course Requests (ACR) new Summer Alternate Course Request Association (SAA) over to Alternate Course Request Association (ACA), similar to how Summer School Course Requests (SSR) copy over to Student Scheduling Schedules (SSS). Also added logic to copy new tables: Summer Alternate Course Requests Backup (SAB) and Summer Alternate Course Request Association Backup (BSA).
CALPADS ExtractsThe CRSC and SCSC extracts have been adjusted to support course levels "23" and "24". All course level "40" values should be updated to one of these codes.
CoursesA College State Course Code field has been added under the California Specific Fields tab. This field will only be available if the course level is "24". If it is populated, it will be used in lieu of the regular State Course Code when extracting to CALPADS for transcript records that earn college credit. This new field only shows codes for CTE and specific college credit course codes.
TranscriptsThis page has been updated to handle course levels "23" and "24". Courses with a course level of "23" will not be included in the GPA calculation. The credits will also be displayed as blank for these courses. Also, the field for Dual Enrollment Credit School will be limited to schools listed in the LOC file.
Student Transcripts reportThis report has been updated to handle course levels "23" and "24". Courses with a course level of "23" will not be included in the GPA calculation. The report will also not print credit information for these courses.
GPA CalculationsThe GPA calculation functions have been updated ignore any course with a course level of "23".
Aeries AnalyticsNew Date Options have been added to the following indicator types: ADS Violation Count, ADS Disposition Count, Disposition Days, Intervention Count, and Program.
Aeries AnalyticsUpdating Analytics indicators nightly or on demand will also update At-Risk indicators if the At-Risk indicator is associated with an Analytics indicator.
System SecuritySecurity Permissions to various web methods throughout the system have been enhanced to ensure there is no misuse of these methods. This extends the changes made in the last release.
CoursesCourses page now allows up to 255 characters in the Long Title (CRS.DE) field.
Import DataFields for custom tables were not displaying, fixed. Also, gradebook-related tables are now excluded from this page due to having too many dependencies to import properly.
QueryFields for custom tables were not displaying, fixed.
Database DefinitionsTables with blank descriptions were showing up, fixed.
Data ConfirmationImprovements have been made to the mobile display of Parent Data Confirmation, including new styling and easier to fill out forms.
Parent PortalThe Student portal would produce a yellow screen error for students without a CON record, fixed.
SMS BoardTotal students count for a section was not displaying updated data after the section was updated, fixed.
Service LearningUsers with permission were unable to set a Red Flag on the Service Learning page, fixed.
Custom ReportsThe TCH table has been removed from the list of tables when creating a new item. Including any field from TCH was causing the report to fail. Teacher information is already included in the report without having to create new items.
Aeries Mobile PortalUsers that SSO into the web portal from the app were unable to change students, fixed.
Aeries Mobile APIIn certain circumstances an error occurred on the home screen of the Aeries Mobile Portal app for elementary students that do not have a gradebook, also when viewing a contact record all the fields were empty, fixed.
Grade Reporting Codes and Descriptions reportFormatting issues when the report went to more than one page have been fixed. Also, the asterisk indicating when a code is not translated was not always displaying correctly, fixed. Other adjustments were also made to account for data anomalies.
ContactsIn the Parent Portal, when editing a Contact, the drop down menu for Correspondence Language appeared to the left of the screen instead of where the field is, fixed. Also, the fields Relationship, Mail Tag, Additional Contact 1, 2, 3 and 4 were expanded to eliminate horizontal scrolling.
DemographicsWhen clicking on the student picture to enlarge it on a new page it would stay as a thumbnail, fixed.
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