Aeries Database Changes 4/10/2020

Is New?TableFieldComments
Added the following fields to the Rollover Option (ROL) table:  Skip Free and Reduced Meals (SFRE), Update Student Groups (USG), Copy Graduates to Inactive School (CGS), Copy Pre-Enrolled to Next School (CPE), Enable SQL Query Store (SQS), and Enable Row Compression Logic (RCL).
FALSECRSCC3Added College State Course Code (CC3) to the Courses (CRS) table.
FALSECRSDEIncreased the Course Title (DE) field in the Courses (CRS) table to 255.
Logic to update the Date Option (DTO) in the District Analysis Indicators (DAI) table for the following indicator types: ADS Violation Count, ADS Disposition Count, Disposition Days, Intervention Count, and Program based on whether dates exist in the related tables.
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