Aeries Revision Notes 3/30/2020

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Online Meeting URLTeachers can now enter a URL for each of their classes using the Class Summary Widget on the Home Page. This information will be displayed to Students and Parents in the portal and will also be available in the Aeries Mobile Portal App in an upcoming update. There will be a Join button for the Students/Parents to click on to Join the online meeting and a more details button for Meeting info.
Global MessagesSchool Messages are now displayed more prominently on the home page for Users and in the Portals. Messages can now also be created at the district-level in addition to the school. Messages now support formatting such as hyperlinks, bold, colors, and custom html. Messages will now be sorted by most recently edited first, rather than last entered. The last modified date/time is displayed on the published messages, as well on the Global Messages page. Also, buttons and colors have been standardized on the Update Global Messages page.
Aeries Mobile APIModification has been made to the Aeries Mobile API to allow the Aeries Mobile Portal app to display the district and school messages and also the teacher meeting notes on the home screen of the Aeries Mobile Portal app.  The Aeries Mobile Portal app will support this new information in early April. 
Import Data to AeriesThis page now supports importing data to the Attendance (ATT) table. The features for this import are different than other tables and have ability to have period number in file. This feature also has extra options to prevent updating verified attendances. Also, the Save Mapping process gives users the option to save these new import options.
Reset Parent / Student AccountsThis is a new page where admin users can reset passwords of all parent and/or student accounts.
Load State Learning StandardsThis page has been converted from Aeries Client allowing users to update and load state learning standards into the STN table.
Import Test ResultsThe CAASPP Interim Assessment import will now skip summative assessment records when importing. Also, new IAB tests have been added to the import as well.
Import Test ResultsThe CAASPP 2017-18 import's file validation has been adjusted to accept correct test files.
Ed-Fi BetaSeveral changes have been made to Ed-Fi: (1) Student Academic Records Entity - Credits Earned & Credits Attempted mappings were incorrect, fixed. (2) Course Transcripts Entity - Credits Earned, Credits Attempted, Session Credits Earned, and Session Credits Attempted mappings were incorrect, fixed. (3) Student School Attendance Event - Now mapping Attendance Event Reason and sending to the ODS. (4) Student Entity - Sex Type mappings changed to use the new GN field for gender, instead of SX. (5) Staff Entity - Sex Type mappings changed to use the new GN field for gender, instead of SX. (6) Staff Section Association Entity - Classroom Position Descriptor is now being mapped to the new SR1-SR3 fields in the MST table. (7) Staff Section Association Entity - Start Date and End Date mappings were added. (8) Ed-Fi Test Page - Loading the default 100 entities was slow, fixed. (9) When updating Student Home Language or Correspondence Language, an ODS update error could occur if the Home Language and Correspondence Language were the same value, fixed.
System SecurityAuthentication of security permissions for various web methods throughout the system has been enhanced.
Ineligibility Listing report optionsThe options on this report now support School-Based codes.
District SettingsA new District Setting has been added: "Do Not Advertise the Mobile Portal App on the Login page for Parents and Students".
Special ProgramsTeachers with appropriate permissions can now Add PGM and PGR records. Also, this page will now remembers the open/closed state of sections.
CASEMIS ImportThe page title and the Navigation have been changed from "CASEMIS Import" to "Special Ed Data Import". Also any references to "CASEMIS" on the page have been changed to "Special Ed".
Career PathwaysCodes on this page have been adjusted: code 154 "Environmental Engineering" has been added back after having been previously inactivated, the title for code 212 has been changed from "Machine and Forming Technology" to "Machining and Forming Technologies" and codes 110 "Entertainment" and 222 "Aviation and Aerospace Transportation Services" have been removed.
CoursesState Course Codes have been slightly adjusted: the title for code 5615 has been adjusted to be "Machining and Forming Technologies (NO LONGER IN USE)".
TranscriptsWhen editing the Course ID on existing records, the Credits Attempted and Completed fields were being changed to the new course's Credit value, fixed.
TranscriptsOn the Mass Add Records popup, the Repeat Tag was not aligned properly, fixed.
Class Roster reportStudent Name, Student ID, Track and Grade fields have been expanded to fit more data.
Aeries Mobile APIThe Log Count (PWA.LC) was not incremented when a student or parent logged in using the Aeries Mobile Portal app, fixed.
Gradebook DetailsThe Card View in the Portal was not allowing assignment documents to be downloaded, fixed.
TeachersAt the elementary level, the Students list was missing columns, fixed.
Student Locator CardsUnder certain circumstances the middle initial of the previous student would display for students without a middle initial, fixed.
Test SettingsThis page has been updated to work better on smaller screen sizes. Also removed "(ELA)" from the Read Aloud Items (not passages) description since it pertains to all test subjects now.
Quick Asset Information LookupNon Admin users will need Read permissions to the Mass Add Student Related Data security option to utilize the Quick Asset Information Lookup feature of District Assets in addition to the desired DRIDRA security access. 
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