Information - CALPADS Course Level Codes of 23 - College Credit Only and 24 - Dual Enrollment Credit


Note: The Course Level of "40 – College Level" should not be used.  All courses with the Course Level of "40 – College Level" should be updated to either the 23 or 24 code.

Below are changes that were just released:

  • Transcripts Page and Reports:
    • Courses with a Course Level of "23 – College Credit Only" are not included in the GPA calculation
    • The credits will are not displayed for these courses
    • A new Transcript Definition option has been added to "Hide Credits if Course Level = 23 (CRS.CL=23)" 
  • The GPA calculation functions have been updated to ignore Course Level "23 - College Credit Only" when performing the calculations.
  • Courses - A new field for “College State Course Code” has been added under the California Specific Fields tab. This field will only be available if the Course Level is "24 – Dual Credit". If it is populated, it will be used in lieu of the regular State Course Code when extracting. This new field only allows codes for CTE and specific college credit courses. 
  • CALPADS Extracts - The End of Year CRSC and SCSC extracts have been adjusted to support course levels "23 – College Credit Only" and "24 – Dual Enrollment" codes.
    • For "24 – Dual Credit" courses, if they have the College Credit Hours field populated, a new course and section will be virtualized and include the 24 value in the extract.  The new CRS College Credit State Course Code value (if different) will also be extracted. This will allow only certain students in a section to be marked as receiving college credit.

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Does this affect Fall 2 or is it only for EOY reporting?

Hi Jenny,

This is for EOY reporting.

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The changes indicated in this item have been shipped today (4/10/2020)

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Hi Kathy,

Is there some more detailed training guides on this somewhere?

We're working on updating the documentation now, specifically for College Level Courses. 

Thanks. I want to make sure I tag our articulated courses correctly as sometimes some students get dual credit and others don't. Where does the extract pull this info from? is it the course type (CRS.TY) or do we need to list in the bottom section for "articulated courses" with all the college information?

How are college credit hours calculated?

It's a local decision. Any student enrolled in that course that has the College Hours field on the transcript (HIS.CH) greater than 0 will be extracted with the Course Level of 24, and if the College Credit Course field is populated with a different State Course Code, that will be used instead in the virtualized section. 

So if we want the college credit only records to be reported to CALPADS that we have a repeat tag on, we leave the credit hours blank and it will go up as long as it has a mark? Does it have to have credits attempted, credits earned populated as well or can those stay blank?

Karen, if the course is marked as College Only (CL-23) in order for it to report to CALPADS properly, the transcript records needs to be in the current year, have a valid mark received, the School of Dual Enrollment (SDE) filled in as one of your local school codes, and the College Hours field greater than 0. 

Thank you.

Are there detailed training guides on entering college courses into Aeries?


Are there detailed training guides on entering college courses into Aeries?


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