Information: COVID-19 and Attendance in Aeries


The following article contains important information about attendance in Aeries in regards to COVID-19:

 COVID-19 and Attendance in Aeries 

Our Month 8 falls on 03/20/2020, so when reports are run, it will include student absences after February 29th through March 20th, how do we prevent this?

This P2 change is just like the April 15th of the regular school years.  In those school years, you did not necessarily end a school month on April 15, but used the last full school month before that date.

From the CDE COVID-19 FAQ -


In your specific case, your last full school month before 02/29/2020 is Month 7, ending 02/21/2020.

If you need additional clarification, please submit a ticket to support. and we will further assist you there.


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Thank you for the clarification.

What did anyone do for their alternative education schools were it is recorded in positive attendance?

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