Aeries Revision Notes 3/12/2020

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StaffThe ability to upload, take from webcam, or delete staff photos has been added to the staff page.
TeacherStaff photos will now display with teachers on this page.
Mass Add Student PicturesThis page has been updated to allow for the mass adding of staff pictures. Also, the name of this page has been changed to "Mass Add Pictures."
Student Medication Log reportThis report has been converted from Aeries Client. It is available at the school level to office staff with Read permission to the MLG table.
Asset Release Form By Teacher reportThis report is now available in Aeries Web. It was converted from a similar named Client textbook report.
Transcript DefinitionsAn option to print a Watermark has been added to the Transcript Definitions page. A Watermark file can be uploaded for each Transcript Definition in the system.
Student Transcript reportThe Student Transcript report now allows printing of a Watermark based on the new setting on the Transcript Definitions page.
Aeries AnalyticsRetention Count is a new indicator type. This indicator provides the ability to analyze retention data.
Summary of Students reportA new option has been added to this report to count students by Next Program and Next Grade. Also, another new option has been added when run at the district level to display school by school totals or district totals. Also, when reporting by Next School, the report will now eliminate duplicates based only on ID, previously the student status was also involved.
Fees By Student reportThis report has been enhanced to include a new option to "Only Show Asset Fees Checked In". This option is only available when "Display Assets/Resources Information" is checked. This option tells the report to only show Asset Fees for lost items where the asset item was subsequently checked in our back out to another student. This report now also includes a new option to "Show Teacher/Counselor" that it is selected by default. There is also a new option to "Print Each Student on a Separate Page". Other small formatting adjustments were also made to this report.
Demographics - Online Enrollment ImportA new tab has been added to the Student Import screen to support importing documents uploaded in the Online Enrollment process into the Student Documents (DOC) table.
CALPADS ExtractsThe PSTS extract has been updated to include exit reason codes "120", "250", "320", "330", "360" as part of the valid codes to process CTE students.
Attendance ManagementFor the Mass Add feature, the unmatched students are now displayed in an on-screen message when student IDs are pasted into the input box.
Aeries Teacher AppUser Interface and functional changes were made to enhance usability within the app.
Update Code TableAn image can now be loaded for each code in the code table. Only some code sets will use this feature in the future. A user must have Update Permissions to the new CDI table in order to add or update Code Table Images.
Import Test ResultsThe Default Testing Admin has been adjusted for the PFT 2017-18 import.
Letter LogThe Letter Log page has been removed from the parent portal navigation. Instead, if parents are given Read permissions to the LTL (Letter Log) Table, they will see that information at the bottom of the Attendance page.
TopsPro Extract, CASEMIS Import, and NSLP Import pagesGoogle Chrome's auto filling password functionality created an error when saving on these pages, fixed.
Test ScoresThe wording of the "Show test by test id and part" option has been adjusted to be "Show by Test ID and Part".
Graduation StatusThe wording of the "Show credit details on screen" option has been adjusted to be "Show Credit Details" and "View Transcripts" to "View Transcript".
PhysicalsThe wording of the "Date" option has been adjusted to be "Test Date".
QueryThe spelling of the TCH.ET description in Aeries Query was adjusted to be "Electronic Tag".
Scheduling SetupThe options to schedule for current year or next year was being cached incorrectly, fixed.
CalendarEvents could not be edited or added while on the Full Calendar view, fixed.
Apple School Manager ExtractThe courses file was not validating due to missing location id, fixed.
PSTS ExtractPrior Year database detection was not working on SQL Server 2008, fixed.
FinancialsWhen a student has only one charged transaction and it is linked to Livingtree, users were not able to delete that that transaction, fixed. Also a new field (SIN) was added to the FTD table to hold the Online Store item number.
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